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Die Bibel - Abraham (ein zweiteiliger US-amerikanisch-italienisch-deutscher Fernsehfilm aus dem Jahr 1993) Abraham [original title]
Abraham Lincoln. Das Leben eines Unsterblichen [lit.] Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years [lit.] (Carl Sandburg)
Abraham Lincoln {f}Femininum (die) [mar., ugs.] (CVN-72) (ein US-amerikanischer Flugzeugträger der Nimitz-Klasse) Abraham Lincoln {s} [coll.], CVN-72


Letter, Abraham Van Helsing, M. D., D. Ph., D. Lit., etc., etc., to Dr. Seward.
Madam”—he said this very solemnly—“if ever Abraham Van Helsing can do anything for you or yours, I trust you will let me know.
Memorandum by Abraham Van Helsing.
As Abraham before the angels, I bowed myself; the white thing was so white, its wings so wide, and in those for ever exiled waters, I had lost the miserable warping memories of traditions and of towns.
OF THE SIGNIFICATION IN SCRIPTURE OF THE WORD CHURCH Church The Lords House Ecclesia Properly What In What Sense The Church Is One Person Church Defined A Christian Common-wealth, And A Church All One CHAPTER XL The Soveraign Rights Of Abraham Abraham Had The Sole Power Of Ordering The Religion Of His Own People No Pretence Of Private Spirit Against The Religion Of Abraham Abraham Sole Judge, And Interpreter Of What God Spake The Authority Of Moses Whereon Grounded Moses Was (Under God) Soveraign Of The Jews, All His Own Time, All Spirits Were Subordinate To The Spirit Of Moses After Moses The Soveraignty Was In The High Priest Of The Soveraign Power Between The Time Of Joshua And Of Saul Of The Rights Of The Kings Of Israel The Practice Of Supremacy In Religion, Was Not In The Time Of The Kings, After The Captivity The Jews Had No Setled Common-wealth CHAPTER XLI.
For neither Moses, nor Abraham pretended to Prophecy by possession of a Spirit; but from the voyce of God; or by a Vision or Dream: Nor is there any thing in his Law, Morall, or Ceremoniall, by which they were taught, there was any such Enthusiasme; or any Possession.
The Covenant God made with Abraham (in a Supernaturall Manner) was thus, (Gen. 17.
Abrahams Seed had not this revelation, nor were yet in being; yet they are a party to the Covenant, and bound to obey what Abraham should declare to them for Gods Law; which they could not be, but in vertue of the obedience they owed to their Parents; who (if they be Subject to no other earthly power, as here in the case of Abraham) have Soveraign power over their children, and servants.
6 "And Abraham passed through the land to the place of Sichem, unto the plain of Moreh, and the Canaanite was then in the land;" which must needs bee the words of one that wrote when the Canaanite was not in the land; and consequently, not of Moses, who dyed before he came into it.
When the Angel called to Abraham out of heaven, to stay his hand (Gen. 22.11.)

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