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altert ages
Weltalter {n}Neutrum (das) ages
Zeitalter {n}Neutrum (das) ages
Säkula {pl}Plural (die) (Zeitalter) ages
anno dazumal [ugs., hum.] ages ago
anno dunnemals [ugs., hum.] ages ago
anno Tobak [ugs., hum.] ages ago
anno Zwieback [ugs., hum.] ages ago
anno Schnee [österr.] [ugs., hum.] ages ago
im Jahre Schnee [österr.] [ugs., hum.] ages ago
anno Leipzig [ugs., hum., veraltend] ages ago
anno einundleipzig [ugs., hum., veraltend] ages ago
anno Knirsch [sl., hum.] ages ago
anno Tuck [sl., hum.] ages ago
zu Olims Zeiten [hum.] ages ago
anno Knips [sl., hum.] ages ago
anno Dubak [landsch., ugs., hum.] ages ago
anno dutzemal [landsch., ugs., hum.] ages ago
kurz nach den Gurkenkriegen [ugs., hum.] ages ago


There was a considerable difference between the ages of my parents, but this circumstance seemed to unite them only closer in bonds of devoted affection.
I had before been moved by the sophisms of the being I had created; I had been struck senseless by his fiendish threats; but now, for the first time, the wickedness of my promise burst upon me; I shuddered to think that future ages might curse me as their pest, whose selfishness had not hesitated to buy its own peace at the price, perhaps, of the existence of the whole human race.
He was the admiration of all the negroes; who, having gathered, of all ages and sizes, from the farm and the neighborhood, stood forming a pyramid of shining black faces at every door and window, gazing with delight at the scene, rolling their white eyeballs, and showing grinning rows of ivory from ear to ear.
Can you tell me why men believe in all ages and places that there are some few who live on always if they be permit; that there are men and women who cannot die?
Rome and Sparta stood for many ages armed and free.
And one other thing regarding him was whispered in the echoes, which has been whispered by all true echoes for ages and ages.
So much of what had happened in that dreadful time as could be kept from the knowledge of Lucie was so well concealed from her, that not until long afterwards, when France and she were far apart, did she know that eleven hundred defenceless prisoners of both sexes and all ages had been killed by the populace; that four days and nights had been darkened by this deed of horror; and that the air around her had been tainted by the slain.
For what seemed ages piled on ages, I lay there, frozen with the most awful fears, not daring to drag away my hand; yet ever thinking that if I could but stir it one single inch, the horrid spell would be broken.
His pure tight skin was an excellent fit; and closely wrapped up in it, and embalmed with inner health and strength, like a revivified Egyptian, this Starbuck seemed prepared to endure for long ages to come, and to endure always, as now; for be it Polar snow or torrid sun, like a patent chronometer, his interior vitality was warranted to do well in all climates.
The Brahmins maintain that in the almost endless sculptures of that immemorial pagoda, all the trades and pursuits, every conceivable avocation of man, were prefigured ages before any of them actually came into being.

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