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Antwerpen ({n}) [geogr.] (größte Stadt in Belgien) Antwerp (largest city in Belgium)
Antwerpener ... Antwerp ...
Antwerpen-Insel {f}Femininum (die) [geogr.] Antwerp Island


29 (return) [ the fiery keel at Antwerp's bridge— During the blockade of Antwerp by the Prince of Parma in 1585, "They of Antuerpe knowing that the bridge and the Stocadoes were finished, made a great shippe, to be a meanes to breake all this worke of the prince of Parmaes: this great shippe was made of masons worke within, in the manner of a vaulted caue: vpon the hatches there were layed myll-stones, graue-stones, and others of great weight; and within the vault were many barrels of powder, ouer the which there were holes, and in them they had put matches, hanging at a thred, the which burning vntill they came vnto the thred, would fall into the powder, and so blow vp all.

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