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Augusta ({n}) [geogr.] (Hauptstadt von Maine, USA) Augusta
> Augusta ({f}) (weiblicher Vorname) > Augusta
> Auguste ({f}) (weiblicher Vorname) > Augusta
> Guste ({f}) (weiblicher Vorname) > Augusta
Augusta [astron.] (ein Asteroid) Augusta


merely Aunt Augusta and Gwendolen.
Yes, that is all very well; but I am afraid Aunt Augusta won’t quite approve of your being here.
If it wasn’t for Bunbury’s extraordinary bad health, for instance, I wouldn’t be able to dine with you at Willis’s to-night, for I have been really engaged to Aunt Augusta for more than a week.
You may also address me as Aunt Augusta for the future.
“Good-bye, Mr. Brocklehurst; remember me to Mrs. and Miss Brocklehurst, and to Augusta and Theodore, and Master Broughton Brocklehurst.”
The charming Augusta Hawkins, in addition to all the usual advantages of perfect beauty and merit, was in possession of an independent fortune, of so many thousands as would always be called ten; a point of some dignity, as well as some convenience: the story told well; he had not thrown himself away—he had gained a woman of 10,000 l. or thereabouts; and he had gained her with such delightful rapidity—the first hour of introduction had been so very soon followed by distinguishing notice; the history which he had to give Mrs. Cole of the rise and progress of the affair was so glorious—the steps so quick, from the accidental rencontre, to the dinner at Mr. Green’s, and the party at Mrs. Brown’s—smiles and blushes rising in importance—with consciousness and agitation richly scattered—the lady had been so easily impressed—so sweetly disposed—had in short, to use a most intelligible phrase, been so very ready to have him, that vanity and prudence were equally contented.

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