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Basel ({n}) [geogr.] (Hauptstadt des Kantons Basel-Stadt, Schweiz) Basle [obs.] (capital of the Canton of Basel-City in Switzerland)
Basler ... Basle ...
die Basler Küche [gastr.] Basle cuisine
die Baseler Küche [gastr.] Basle cuisine


Or perhaps I shall be told, too, that there was no such knight-errant as the valiant Lusitanian Juan de Merlo, who went to Burgundy and in the city of Arras fought with the famous lord of Charny, Mosen Pierres by name, and afterwards in the city of Basle with Mosen Enrique de Remesten, coming out of both encounters covered with fame and honour; or adventures and challenges achieved and delivered, also in Burgundy, by the valiant Spaniards Pedro Barba and Gutierre Quixada (of whose family I come in the direct male line), when they vanquished the sons of the Count of San Polo.

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