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Verrat {m}Maskulinum (der) betrayal
Aschermittwoch (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1929) Betrayal
Treubruch {m}Maskulinum (der) [hist.] betrayal
Betrogen [lit.] Betrayal [lit.] (Harold Pinter)
Betrug (ein britischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1983) Betrayal
Betrayal - Der Tod ist ihr Geschäft (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 2003) Betrayal [original title]
Verrat an Julie Roy (ein US-amerikanischer Fernsehfilm aus dem Jahr 1978) Betrayal
Der Seitensprung [lit.] (Karin Alvtegen) Betrayal [lit.]
Vertrauensbruch {m}Maskulinum (der) betrayal of trust
Verraten und missbraucht (ein US-amerikanischer Fernsehfilm aus dem Jahr 1994) Betrayal of Trust
Verraten und mißbraucht [alte Orthogr.] (ein US-amerikanischer Fernsehfilm aus dem Jahr 1994) Betrayal of Trust
Der Schrei der Taube (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1993) Betrayal of the Dove
Das Geheimnis von Holden House (ein kanadischer Fernsehfilm aus dem Jahr 1988) Betrayal of Silence
Verrat auf Kregen [lit.] Betrayal on Kregen [lit.] (Kenneth Bulmer)


This betrayal cannot be passed by without severe reproach to Bonifacio Cerchi and Giovanni Guidi, two Florentine exiles who were suffering their banishment in Pisa.
As less reprehensible than theft, highway robbery, cruelty to children and animals, obtaining money under false pretences, forgery, embezzlement, misappropriation of public money, betrayal of public trust, malingering, mayhem, corruption of minors, criminal libel, blackmail, contempt of court, arson, treason, felony, mutiny on the high seas, trespass, burglary, jailbreaking, practice of unnatural vice, desertion from armed forces in the field, perjury, poaching, usury, intelligence with the king’s enemies, impersonation, criminal assault, manslaughter, wilful and premeditated murder.
It may readily be imagined I gave her every assurance on that head, and told her I loved her too dearly, and was too grateful for the extatic happiness she had taught me how to enjoy, for any chance of betrayal to take place through my indiscretion.
“And believe me, they are reaping the reward of their betrayal of the Bourbon cause.
Speaking thickly and with a faraway look in his shining eyes, he told the whole story of his life: his marriage, Natásha’s love for his best friend, her betrayal of him, and all his own simple relations with her.
I thought I prevented another explosion by my compliance; and I thought, too, it might create a favourable crisis in Catherine’s mental illness: and then I remembered Mr. Edgar’s stern rebuke of my carrying tales; and I tried to smooth away all disquietude on the subject, by affirming, with frequent iteration, that that betrayal of trust, if it merited so harsh an appellation, should be the last.
In the morning, Catherine learnt my betrayal of her confidence, and she learnt also that her secret visits were to end.
What, under my endless obsession, I had been impelled to listen for was some betrayal of his not being at rest, and I presently caught one, but not in the form I had expected.
The slightest indiscretion is as bad as betrayal in a thing like this.
One party, to which Katavasov belonged, saw in the opposite party a scoundrelly betrayal and treachery, while the opposite party saw in them childishness and lack of respect for the authorities.

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