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größer bigger
größer (aufwändiger [Feier, Party, Empfang, Vorstellung etc.]) bigger
grösser [orthogr. schweiz.] (aufwändiger [Feier, Party, Empfang, Vorstellung etc.]) bigger
größer (Gegenstand, Auto, Land, Stadt etc.) bigger
grösser [orthogr. schweiz.] (Gegenstand, Auto, Land, Stadt etc.) bigger
grösser [orthogr. schweiz.] (bez. Kleidergröße) bigger
größer (bez. Kleidergröße) bigger
größer (höher [Turm, Baum etc.]) bigger
grösser [orthogr. schweiz.] (höher [Turm, Baum etc.]) bigger
grösser [orthogr. schweiz.] (üppiger [Busen, Po etc.]) bigger
größer (üppiger [Busen, Po etc.]) bigger
Großteil {m}Maskulinum (der) bigger part


The bigger a thing it is the better.
The larger crimes are apt to be the simpler, for the bigger the crime the more obvious, as a rule, is the motive.
In the gloom the courtyard looked of considerable size, and as several dark ways led from it under great round arches, it perhaps seemed bigger than it really is.
So off we go to Doolittle’s Wharf, and there we find a man in an office of wood so small that the man look bigger than the office.
Jim said he hadn’t ever seen a bigger one.
Buck looked about as old as me—thirteen or fourteen or along there, though he was a little bigger than me.
The preaching was going on under the same kinds of sheds, only they was bigger and held crowds of people.
But that trick took ‘em to the graveyard, and the gold done us a still bigger kindness; for if the excited fools hadn’t let go all holts and made that rush to get a look we’d a slept in our cravats to-night—cravats warranted to wear, too—longer than we’d need ‘em.”
But he put his foot on the gunnel and rocked her, and shook his head, and said he reckoned he’d look around for a bigger one.
So he went home again; and as he came near he saw his wife Ilsabill sitting on a very lofty throne made of solid gold, with a great crown on her head full two yards high; and on each side of her stood her guards and attendants in a row, each one smaller than the other, from the tallest giant down to a little dwarf no bigger than my finger.

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