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Böhmen ({n}) [geogr.] Bohemia
Bohemia ({n}) [geogr.] (Stadt im Bundesstaat New York, USA) Bohemia
Bohemia [astron.] (ein Asteroid) Bohemia


A SCANDAL IN BOHEMIA I. To Sherlock Holmes she is always the woman.
I slept at Baker Street that night, and we were engaged upon our toast and coffee in the morning when the King of Bohemia rushed into the room.
It is a little souvenir from the King of Bohemia in return for my assistance in the case of the Irene Adler papers.”
Once only had I known him to fail, in the case of the King of Bohemia and of the Irene Adler photograph; but when I looked back to the weird business of the Sign of Four, and the extraordinary circumstances connected with the Study in Scarlet, I felt that it would be a strange tangle indeed which he could not unravel.
He puts Bohemia on the seacoast and makes Ulysses quote Aristotle.
The flower-beds of Saint-Cloud perfumed the air; the breath of the Seine rustled the leaves vaguely; the branches gesticulated in the wind, bees pillaged the jasmines; a whole bohemia of butterflies swooped down upon the yarrow, the clover, and the sterile oats; in the august park of the King of France there was a pack of vagabonds, the birds.
This curious money, which receives the name of loques—rags—has an invariable and well-regulated currency in this little Bohemia of children.
A little of Egypt and Bohemia in the lower regions suited the upper spheres, and compassed the aims of the powerful.
>> 1611 THE WINTER'S TALE by William Shakespeare Dramatis Personae LEONTES, King of Sicilia MAMILLIUS, his son, the young Prince of Sicilia CAMILLO, lord of Sicilia ANTIGONUS, " " " CLEOMENES, " " " DION, " " " POLIXENES, King of Bohemia FLORIZEL, his son, Prince of Bohemia ARCHIDAMUS, a lord of Bohemia OLD SHEPHERD, reputed father of Perdita CLOWN, his son AUTOLYCUS, a rogue A MARINER A GAOLER TIME, as Chorus HERMIONE, Queen to Leontes PERDITA, daughter to Leontes and Hermione PAULINA, wife to Antigonus EMILIA, a lady attending on the Queen MOPSA, shepherdess DORCAS, " Other Lords, Gentlemen, Ladies, Officers, Servants, Shepherds, Shepherdesses SCENE: Sicilia and Bohemia <
If you shall chance, Camillo, to visit Bohemia, on the like occasion whereon my services are now on foot, you shall see, as I have said, great difference betwixt our Bohemia and your Sicilia.

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