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Seeräuber {m}Maskulinum (der) [hist.] (Bukanier) buccaneer
Bukanier {m}Maskulinum (der) [hist.] buccaneer
Freibeuter {m}Maskulinum (der) [hist.] buccaneer
Pirat {m}Maskulinum (der) buccaneer
Buccaneer {f}Femininum (die) [mil.-luftf., hist.] (ein von Blackburn Aircraft Ltd. gebautes, strahlgetriebenes britisches Kampfflugzeug) Buccaneer
Buccaneer {f}Femininum (die) [mil.-luftf., hist.] (= Brewster SB2A [ein kolbenmotorgetriebenes Sturzkampfflugzeug aus US-amerikanischer Produktion) Buccaneer


TREASURE ISLAND PART ONE—The Old Buccaneer 1 The Old Sea-dog at the "Admiral Benbow" QUIRE TRELAWNEY, Dr. Livesey, and the rest of these gentlemen having asked me to write down the whole particulars about Treasure Island, from the beginning to the end, keeping nothing back but the bearings of the island, and that only because there is still treasure not yet lifted, I take up my pen in the year of grace 17__ and go back to the time when my father kept the Admiral Benbow inn and the brown old seaman with the sabre cut first took up his lodging under our roof.
"It's the name of a buccaneer of my acquaintance; and I call you by it for the sake of shortness, and what I have to say to you is this; one glass of rum won't kill you, but if you take one you'll take another and another, and I stake my wig if you don't break off short, you'll die—do you understand that?
It cowed me more than the pain, and I began to obey him at once, walking straight in at the door and towards the parlour, where our sick old buccaneer was sitting, dazed with rum.
He was the bloodthirstiest buccaneer that sailed.
I had seen the captain, and Black Dog, and the blind man, Pew, and I thought I knew what a buccaneer was like—a very different creature, according to me, from this clean and pleasant-tempered landlord.
As I did so, I could hear hails coming and going between the old buccaneer and his comrades, and this sound of danger lent me wings.
He lingered all day, breathing loudly like the old buccaneer at home in his apoplectic fit, but the bones of his chest had been crushed by the blow and his skull fractured in falling, and some time in the following night, without sign or sound, he went to his Maker.
Thus encouraged, the buccaneer stepped forth more briskly, and having passed something to Silver, from hand to hand, slipped yet more smartly back again to his companions.
The terror of the dead buccaneer had fallen on their spirits.

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