Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: Cheers

Hochrufe {pl}Plural (die)
Jubel {m}Maskulinum (der)
Mach's gut!
Hoch {n}Neutrum (das) (Hochruf)
Cheers (eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie)
Beifall {m}Maskulinum (der) (Hochrufe)
Bravos {pl}Plural (die) (Beifallsrufe)
Bravorufe {pl}Plural (die)
Beifallsrufe {pl}Plural (die)
Rufe {pl}Plural (die) (Beifallsrufe)
Hurrarufe {pl}Plural (die)
Hurrageschrei {n}Neutrum (das)
Beifallsgeschrei {n}Neutrum (das)
(lauter) Jubel {m}Maskulinum (der) (Rufe, Geschrei)
Zuruf {m}Maskulinum (der) (als Beifall, Ermunterung)
Zurufe {pl}Plural (die) (als Beifall, Ermunterung)


And therefore three cheers for Nantucket; and come a stove boat and stove body when they will, for stave my soul, Jove himself cannot.
If you yourself can withstand three cheers at beholding these vivacious fish, then heaven help ye; the spirit of godly gamesomeness is not in ye.
—Three cheers for De Wet!
The cup that cheers but not inebriates, as the old saying has it.
Amid tense expectation the Portobello bruiser was being counted out when Bennett’s second Ole Pfotts Wettstein threw in the towel and the Santry boy was declared victor to the frenzied cheers of the public who broke through the ringropes and fairly mobbed him with delight.
And begob he got as far as the door and they holding him and he bawls out of him: —Three cheers for Israel!
Amid cheers that rent the welkin, responded to by answering cheers from a big muster of henchmen on the distant Cambrian and Caledonian hills, the mastodontic pleasureship slowly moved away saluted by a final floral tribute from the representatives of the fair sex who were present in large numbers while, as it proceeded down the river, escorted by a flotilla of barges, the flags of the Ballast office and Custom House were dipped in salute as were also those of the electrical power station at the Pigeonhouse and the Poolbeg Light.
Three cheers for Israel.
Three cheers for the sister-in-law he hawked about, three fangs in her mouth.
Three cheers for Ikey Mo!

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
Cheers! (ein Trinkspruch) cheers! [esp. Br.]
Cheers (eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie) Cheers
anfeuernde Zurufe {pl} cheers (of encouragement)
wohl bekomm's! cheers! [esp. Br.]
danke! cheers! [esp. Br.]
Beifallsrufe {pl} cheers
Zuruf {m} (als Beifall, Ermunterung) cheers
Anfeuerungsrufe {pl} cheers (of encouragement)
zum Wohl! cheers! [esp. Br.]
jdn. hochleben lassen to give cheers for sb.