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Gefahr {f}Femininum (die) danger
Alarmsignal {n}Neutrum (das) danger signal
Feuergefahr {f}Femininum (die) danger of fire (breaking out)
Feuersgefahr {f}Femininum (die) danger of fire
Gefahrenstelle {f}Femininum (die) danger spot (on road)
Gefahrenzone {f}Femininum (die) danger zone
Gefahrenzonen {pl}Plural (die) danger zones
Gefahrenzulage {f}Femininum (die) danger pay
Gefahrenzulagen {pl}Plural (die) danger pays
Glättegefahr {f}Femininum (die) danger of ice (on road)
Glatteisgefahr {f}Femininum (die) danger of black ice
Lebensgefahr {f}Femininum (die) danger of life
Todesgefahr {f}Femininum (die) danger of death
Unfallgefahr {f}Femininum (die) danger of collision
Verdunkelungsgefahr {f}Femininum (die) (Rechtsw.) danger of suppression of evidence
Verwechslungsgefahr {f}Femininum (die) danger of mistake
Verwechslungsgefahr {f}Femininum (die) danger of confusion
Frostgefahr {f}Femininum (die) danger of frost
Kavitationsgefahr {f}Femininum (die) [tech.] danger of cavitation
Aidsgefahr {f}Femininum (die) danger of AIDS
Krebsgefahr {f}Femininum (die) danger of cancer

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“MY DEAR FRIEND,— “If you are not so compassionate as to dine to-day with Louisa and me, we shall be in danger of hating each other for the rest of our lives, for a whole day’s tete-a-tete between two women can never end without a quarrel.
He began to feel the danger of paying Elizabeth too much attention.
At first there seemed danger of Lydia’s engrossing him entirely, for she was a most determined talker; but being likewise extremely fond of lottery tickets, she soon grew too much interested in the game, too eager in making bets and exclaiming after prizes to have attention for anyone in particular.
They were all astonished; and Mr. Bennet, who could by no means wish for so speedy a return, immediately said: “But is there not danger of Lady Catherine’s disapprobation here, my good sir?
You shall not, for the sake of one individual, change the meaning of principle and integrity, nor endeavour to persuade yourself or me, that selfishness is prudence, and insensibility of danger security for happiness.”
Miss Bennet accepted her aunt’s invitation with pleasure; and the Bingleys were no otherwise in her thoughts at the same time, than as she hoped by Caroline’s not living in the same house with her brother, she might occasionally spend a morning with her, without any danger of seeing him.
They then sat down, and when her inquiries after Rosings were made, seemed in danger of sinking into total silence.
She had once or twice suggested to Elizabeth the possibility of his being partial to her, but Elizabeth always laughed at the idea; and Mrs. Collins did not think it right to press the subject, from the danger of raising expectations which might only end in disappointment; for in her opinion it admitted not of a doubt, that all her friend’s dislike would vanish, if she could suppose him to be in her power.
There is no danger of Wickham’s marrying Mary King.
In this danger Kitty also is comprehended.

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