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trotzig defiant
aufsässig defiant
Trotzphase {f}Femininum (die) [psych.] defiant phase
Trotzalter {n}Neutrum (das) defiant age
trotziges Schweigen {n}Neutrum (das) defiant silence


"That's for Défago," he said, looking down at the other two with a queer, defiant laugh, "for it's my belief"—the sandwiched oaths may be omitted—"that my ole partner's not far from us at this very minute."
She blushed for him, grew still angrier at having blushed, and looked at the princess with a bold and defiant expression which said that she was not afraid of anybody.
Their gaze began with a defiant note but was confused by what seemed a deliberate swoon of the pupil into the iris, revealing for an instant a temperament of great sensibility.
At last she looked up with something reckless and defiant in her manner.
But there was no sign within it of that desperate and defiant villain whom we expected to see.
She could recognize her wild, desperate, defiant mood, the flightiness of her temper, and even some of the very cloud-shapes of gloom and despondency that had brooded in her heart.
All day the fire-steed flies over the country, stopping only that his master may rest, and I am awakened by his tramp and defiant snort at midnight, when in some remote glen in the woods he fronts the elements incased in ice and snow; and he will reach his stall only with the morning star, to start once more on his travels without rest or slumber.
He glanced with a defiant and desperate air at the porter, who without a word held out a grey folded paper sealed with bottle-wax.
Luzhin stood still, waiting with a defiant and offended face.
“If I did I certainly should not tell you,” Raskolnikov answered with defiant and haughty contempt.

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