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Ingenieure {pl}Plural (die) engineers
Pioniere {pl}Plural (die) [mil.] (technische Truppe) engineers
Pioneertruppe {f}Femininum (die) [mil.] engineers
technische Truppe {f}Femininum (die) [mil.] engineers
Genietruppen {pl}Plural (die) [schweiz.] [mil.] (technische Truppen) engineers
Sappeure {pl}Plural (die) [schweiz.] [mil.] (technische Truppe) engineers
Kombizange {f}Femininum (die) engineers pliers


We guard our secret very jealously, however, and if it once became known that we had hydraulic engineers coming to our little house, it would soon rouse inquiry, and then, if the facts came out, it would be good-bye to any chance of getting these fields and carrying out our plans.
a. Consequences from Quantity, and Motion Indeterminate; which, being the Principles or first foundation of Philosophy, is called Philosophia Prima PHILOSOPHIA PRIMA b. Consequences from Motion, and Quantity Determined 1) Consequences from Quantity, and Motion Determined a) By Figure, By Number 1] Mathematiques, GEOMETRY ARITHMETIQUE 2) Consequences from the Motion, and Quantity of Bodies in Speciall a) Consequences from the Motion, and Quantity of the great parts of the World, as the Earth and Stars, 1] Cosmography ASTRONOMY GEOGRAPHY b) Consequences from the Motion of Speciall kinds, and Figures of Body, 1] Mechaniques, Doctrine of Weight Science of ENGINEERS ARCHITECTURE NAVIGATION 2.
The cars never pause to look at it; yet I fancy that the engineers and firemen and brakemen, and those passengers who have a season ticket and see it often, are better men for the sight.
After the seas are all cross'd, (as they seem already cross'd,) After the great captains and engineers have accomplish'd their work, After the noble inventors, after the scientists, the chemist, the geologist, ethnologist, Finally shall come the poet worthy that name, The true son of God shall come singing his songs.
Five hundred carpenters and engineers were immediately set at work to prepare the greatest engine they had.
However, since you absolutely wish to depart, I shall give orders to my engineers to construct a machine that will convey you very safely.
At once he gave directions that his engineers should construct a machine to hoist up these two [Pg 88] extraordinary men out of the kingdom.
Royal Engineers shall move two feet.
The waiter, who was busy with a party of engineers dining in the dining hall, came several times with an irate countenance in answer to her summons, and could not avoid carrying out her orders, as she gave them with such gracious insistence that there was no evading her.
If the salary is fixed without any regard for that law, as, for instance, when I see two engineers leaving college together, both equally well trained and efficient, and one getting forty thousand while the other is satisfied with two; or when I see lawyers and hussars, having no special qualifications, appointed directors of banking companies with immense salaries, I conclude that the salary is not fixed in accordance with the law of supply and demand, but simply through personal interest.

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