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Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: Gable

Deutsch Englisch
Dachgiebel {m}Maskulinum (der) gable
Giebel {m}Maskulinum (der) gable
Brandgiebel {m}Maskulinum (der) gable end
Giebelfenster {n}Neutrum (das) gable window
Giebelseite {f}Femininum (die) gable end
Giebelwand {f}Femininum (die) gable end
Satteldach {n}Neutrum (das) gable roof (Am.)American English
Giebelrähm {f}Femininum (die) gable plate
Sag' ja zur Liebe (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1976) Gable and Lombard


Before us lay a green sloping land full of forests and woods, with here and there steep hills, crowned with clumps of trees or with farmhouses, the blank gable end to the road.
Tom partly uncovered a dismal caricature of a house with two gable ends to it and a corkscrew of smoke issuing from the chimney.
Over the gable were "two golden apples, in which were two carbuncles," so that the gold might shine by day and the carbuncles by night.
That volley of grape-shot can be seen to-day imprinted on the ancient gable of a brick building on the right of the road at a few minutes’ distance before you enter Genappe.
It presented its side and gable to the public road; hence its apparent diminutiveness.
Beginning with these angles of the niche, the wall extended along the Rue Polonceau as far as a house which bore the number 49, and along the Rue Droit-Mur, where the fragment was much shorter, as far as the gloomy building which we have mentioned and whose gable it intersected, thus forming another retreating angle in the street.
This gable was sombre of aspect; only one window was visible, or, to speak more correctly, two shutters covered with a sheet of zinc and kept constantly closed.
The angle which it formed with the gable of the large building was filled, at its lower extremity, by a mass of masonry of a triangular shape, probably intended to preserve that too convenient corner from the rubbish of those dirty creatures called the passers-by.
Then, without haste, but without making a useless movement, with firm and curt precision, the more remarkable at a moment when the patrol and Javert might come upon him at any moment, he undid his cravat, passed it round Cosette’s body under the armpits, taking care that it should not hurt the child, fastened this cravat to one end of the rope, by means of that knot which seafaring men call a “swallow knot,” took the other end of the rope in his teeth, pulled off his shoes and stockings, which he threw over the wall, stepped upon the mass of masonry, and began to raise himself in the angle of the wall and the gable with as much solidity and certainty as though he had the rounds of a ladder under his feet and elbows.
The blank wall of the eastern gable was relieved by stairs (with a balustrade) running diagonally across it—the ascent being from the south.

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