Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: I am tired

ich bin müde


The people are gone and I am tired out.
"Oh, I am tired of sitting, and I don't want a life-sized portrait of myself," answered the lad, swinging round on the music-stool in a wilful, petulant manner.
"Basil, I am tired of standing," cried Dorian Gray suddenly.
"But I am tired to-night, Harry.
As to leading me into what you call this fatal step, Miss Havisham would have had me wait, and not marry yet; but I am tired of the life I have led, which has very few charms for me, and I am willing enough to change it.
I cannot: I am tired and sick.
Yes, I have the spleen, complicated with melancholy, with homesickness, plus hypochondria, and I am vexed and I rage, and I yawn, and I am bored, and I am tired to death, and I am stupid!
“‘I wish to say that I am tired of a shepherd’s life,’ was Vampa’s reply.
"I shall go with Dorothy," declared the Lion, "for I am tired of your city and long for the woods and the country again.
I shouldn't mind a drop of vodka myself, I am tired to death.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
ermüden (bez. Schlafbedürfnis, Erschöpfung) get tired {v}
luftbereift pneumatic-tired (Am.)
todmüde [ugs.] deadly tired
müde [fig.] (Wein) tired
sterbensmüde [ugs.] deadly tired
abgekämpft dead tired
hundemüde {adj.} [ugs.] awfully tired {adj} [coll.]
genug haben von be tired of {v}
müde (nach Schlaf verlangend) tired
überdrüssig tired of