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Israel {(n}) [geogr.] Israel (il)
> Israel ({m}) (männlicher Vorname) > Israel
Israel-Wundhaken {m}Maskulinum (der) [med.-tech.] Israel retractor


It was necessary, therefore, to Moses that he should find the people of Israel in Egypt enslaved and oppressed by the Egyptians, in order that they should be disposed to follow him so as to be delivered out of bondage.
And if, as I said, it was necessary that the people of Israel should be captive so as to make manifest the ability of Moses; that the Persians should be oppressed by the Medes so as to discover the greatness of the soul of Cyrus; and that the Athenians should be dispersed to illustrate the capabilities of Theseus: then at the present time, in order to discover the virtue of an Italian spirit, it was necessary that Italy should be reduced to the extremity that she is now in, that she should be more enslaved than the Hebrews, more oppressed than the Persians, more scattered than the Athenians; without head, without order, beaten, despoiled, torn, overrun; and to have endured every kind of desolation.
OF THE SIGNIFICATION IN SCRIPTURE OF THE WORD CHURCH Church The Lords House Ecclesia Properly What In What Sense The Church Is One Person Church Defined A Christian Common-wealth, And A Church All One CHAPTER XL The Soveraign Rights Of Abraham Abraham Had The Sole Power Of Ordering The Religion Of His Own People No Pretence Of Private Spirit Against The Religion Of Abraham Abraham Sole Judge, And Interpreter Of What God Spake The Authority Of Moses Whereon Grounded Moses Was (Under God) Soveraign Of The Jews, All His Own Time, All Spirits Were Subordinate To The Spirit Of Moses After Moses The Soveraignty Was In The High Priest Of The Soveraign Power Between The Time Of Joshua And Of Saul Of The Rights Of The Kings Of Israel The Practice Of Supremacy In Religion, Was Not In The Time Of The Kings, After The Captivity The Jews Had No Setled Common-wealth CHAPTER XLI.
Again, when the sons of Samuel, (1 Sam.8.3) being constituted by their father Judges in Bersabee, received bribes, and judged unjustly, the people of Israel refused any more to have God to be their King, in other manner than he was King of other people; and therefore cryed out to Samuel, to choose them a King after the manner of the Nations.
To Moses, the children of Israel say thus.
And for the Law which Moses gave to the people of Israel at the renewing of the Covenant, (Deut.
"How Good," saith David, "is the God of Israel to those that are Upright in Heart; and yet my feet were almost gone, my treadings had well-nigh slipt; for I was grieved at the Wicked, when I saw the Ungodly in such Prosperity."
(1 Kings 22) Of 400 Prophets, of whom the K. of Israel asked counsel, concerning the warre he made against Ramoth Gilead, only Micaiah was a true one.
where, after David had adjudged equall part of the spoiles, to them that guarded the Ammunition, with them that fought, the Writer saith, "He made it a Statute and an Ordinance to Israel to this day."
Which cannot be understood of a Ghost; for Micaiah declared before the Kings of Israel and Judah, the event of the battle, as from a Vision, and not as from a Spirit, speaking in him.

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