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> Joan ({f}) (weiblicher Vorname) > Joan
Johanna von Orleans (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1948) Joan of Arc
Jeanne d'Arc [hist.] Joan of Arc
Luc Besson's Johanna von Orleans (ein französischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1999) Joan of Arc [Br., Aus.]
Johanna von Orleans (ein französischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1999) Joan of Arc [Br., Aus.]


He read of the room that was prepared at the palace at Rheims for the use of Queen Joan of Burgundy and was decorated with "thirteen hundred and twenty-one parrots, made in broidery, and blazoned with the king's arms, and five hundred and sixty-one butterflies, whose wings were similarly ornamented with the arms of the queen, the whole worked in gold."
I am going because... well, because everyone is going: and besides—I am not Joan of Arc or an Amazon.”
(calling to his sisters) Joan is not here: tell mama she is run out into the rain—bad animal!”
>> 1592 THE FIRST PART OF HENRY THE SIXTH by William Shakespeare Dramatis Personae KING HENRY THE SIXTH DUKE OF GLOUCESTER, uncle to the King, and Protector DUKE OF BEDFORD, uncle to the King, and Regent of France THOMAS BEAUFORT, DUKE OF EXETER, great-uncle to the king HENRY BEAUFORT, great-uncle to the King, BISHOP OF WINCHESTER, and afterwards CARDINAL JOHN BEAUFORT, EARL OF SOMERSET, afterwards Duke RICHARD PLANTAGENET, son of Richard late Earl of Cambridge, afterwards DUKE OF YORK EARL OF WARWICK EARL OF SALISBURY EARL OF SUFFOLK LORD TALBOT, afterwards EARL OF SHREWSBURY JOHN TALBOT, his son EDMUND MORTIMER, EARL OF MARCH SIR JOHN FASTOLFE SIR WILLIAM LUCY SIR WILLIAM GLANSDALE SIR THOMAS GARGRAVE MAYOR of LONDON WOODVILLE, Lieutenant of the Tower VERNON, of the White Rose or York faction BASSET, of the Red Rose or Lancaster faction A LAWYER GAOLERS, to Mortimer CHARLES, Dauphin, and afterwards King of France REIGNIER, DUKE OF ANJOU, and titular King of Naples DUKE OF BURGUNDY DUKE OF ALENCON BASTARD OF ORLEANS GOVERNOR OF PARIS MASTER-GUNNER OF ORLEANS, and his SON GENERAL OF THE FRENCH FORCES in Bordeaux A FRENCH SERGEANT A PORTER AN OLD SHEPHERD, father to Joan la Pucelle MARGARET, daughter to Reignier, afterwards married to King Henry COUNTESS OF AUVERGNE JOAN LA PUCELLE, Commonly called JOAN OF ARC Lords, Warders of the Tower, Heralds, Officers, Soldiers, Messengers, English and French Attendants.
[Here they fight and JOAN LA PUCELLE overcomes] CHARLES.
My lord, my lord, the French have gather'd head The Dauphin, with one Joan la Pucelle join'd, A holy prophetess new risen up, Is come with a great power to raise the siege.
Then enter JOAN LA PUCELLE driving Englishmen before her.
Thus Joan la Pucelle hath perform'd her word.
No longer on Saint Denis will we cry, But Joan la Pucelle shall be France's saint.

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