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einfach {adv.} (nun mal) just [esp. Am.]
gerade just
gerade noch just
gerecht just
nur (bloß) just
soeben (in diesem Moment) just
bloß {adv.} (nur) just
frisch {adv} (gerade eben) just
bloss {adv.} [schweiz. Orthogr.] (nur) just
Denken Sie nur! Just imagine!
eben jetzt just now
ebenso just as
ebensogut just as well
einen Augenblick just a moment
für den Notfall just in case
Ganz wie Sie wollen. Just as you like.
Geh mir bloß aus dem Weg! Just get out of my way!
genausoviel just as many
genausoviel just as much
gerade just as
Immer der Nase nach! Just follow your nose!
jetzt schon just yet
kurz nach Schulschluss just after school finishes
Lass mal sehen. Just let me have a look.
mit Mühe und Not just barely
nur für den Fall just in case
nur zum Spaß just for fun
Pech gehabt just our luck
schier {adv.} (beinahe) just about

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“But it is,” returned she; “for Mrs. Long has just been here, and she told me all about it.”
The astonishment of the ladies was just what he wished; that of Mrs. Bennet perhaps surpassing the rest; though, when the first tumult of joy was over, she began to declare that it was what she had expected all the while.
But there is one of her sisters sitting down just behind you, who is very pretty, and I dare say very agreeable.
Chapter 4 When Jane and Elizabeth were alone, the former, who had been cautious in her praise of Mr. Bingley before, expressed to her sister just how very much she admired him.
“He is just what a young man ought to be,” said she, “sensible, good-humoured, lively; and I never saw such happy manners!
—to be only just tolerable.”
On his approaching them soon afterwards, though without seeming to have any intention of speaking, Miss Lucas defied her friend to mention such a subject to him; which immediately provoking Elizabeth to do it, she turned to him and said: “Did you not think, Mr. Darcy, that I expressed myself uncommonly well just now, when I was teasing Colonel Forster to give us a ball at Meryton?”
The village of Longbourn was only one mile from Meryton; a most convenient distance for the young ladies, who were usually tempted thither three or four times a week, to pay their duty to their aunt and to a milliner’s shop just over the way.
The path just admitted three.
“As to her younger daughters, she could not take upon her to say—she could not positively answer—but she did not know of any prepossession; her eldest daughter, she must just mention—she felt it incumbent on her to hint, was likely to be very soon engaged.”

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