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> Ken ({m}) (männlicher Vorname) > Ken
Ken Caryl ({n}) [geogr.] (Stadt in Colorado, USA) Ken Caryl
Tschaikowskij - Genie und Wahnsinn (ein britischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1970) Ken Russell's Film on Tchaikovsky and the Music Lovers
Der dritte Zwilling (ein kanadischer Fernsehfilm aus dem Jahr 1997) Ken Follett's The Third Twin


Bloom there for a languor he had but was now better, he having dreamed tonight a strange fancy of his dame Mrs Moll with red slippers on in a pair of Turkey trunks which is thought by those in ken to be for a change and Mistress Purefoy there, that got in through pleading her belly, and now on the stools, poor body, two days past her term, the midwives sore put to it and can’t deliver, she queasy for a bowl of riceslop that is a shrewd drier up of the insides and her breath very heavy more than good and should be a bullyboy from the knocks, they say, but God give her soon issue.
In sum an infinite great fall of rain and all refreshed and will much increase the harvest yet those in ken say after wind and water fire shall come for a prognostication of Malachi’s almanac (and I hear that Mr Russell has done a prophetical charm of the same gist out of the Hindustanish for his farmer’s gazette) to have three things in all but this a mere fetch without bottom of reason for old crones and bairns yet sometimes they are found in the right guess with their queerities no telling how.
D’ye ken bare socks?
The matter of which our rudimental body is composed, is within the ken of the organs of that body; or, more distinctly, our rudimental organs are adapted to the matter of which is formed the rudimental body; but not to that of which the ultimate is composed.
42) REMARKABLE INCIDENT OF DR. LANYON TIME ran on; thousands of pounds were offered in reward, for the death of Sir Danvers was resented as a public injury; but Mr. Hyde had disappeared out of the ken of the police as though he had never existed.
within a ken our army lies- Upon mine honour, all too confident To give admittance to a thought of fear.
As far as I could ken thy chalky cliffs, When from thy shore the tempest beat us back, I stood upon the hatches in the storm; And when the dusky sky began to rob My earnest-gaping sight of thy land's view, I took a costly jewel from my neck- A heart it was, bound in with diamonds- And threw it towards thy land.
And even with this I lost fair England's view, And bid mine eyes be packing with my heart, And call'd them blind and dusky spectacles For losing ken of Albion's wished coast.
I ken the wight; he is of substance good.
'Tis he, I ken the manner of his gait: He rises on the toe.

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