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Labyrinth {n}Neutrum (das)
Die Reise ins Labyrinth (ein US-amerikanisch-britischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1986)
Labyrinth (ein US-amerikanisch-britischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1986)


We rattled through an endless labyrinth of gas-lit streets until we emerged into Farrington Street.
Peterson had rushed forward to protect the stranger from his assailants; but the man, shocked at having broken the window, and seeing an official-looking person in uniform rushing towards him, dropped his goose, took to his heels, and vanished amid the labyrinth of small streets which lie at the back of Tottenham Court Road.
It was a labyrinth of an old house, with corridors, passages, narrow winding staircases, and little low doors, the thresholds of which were hollowed out by the generations who had crossed them.
Ichabod, on the contrary, had to win his way to the heart of a country coquette, beset with a labyrinth of whims and caprices, which were forever presenting new difficulties and impediments; and he had to encounter a host of fearful adversaries of real flesh and blood, the numerous rustic admirers, who beset every portal to her heart, keeping a watchful and angry eye upon each other, but ready to fly out in the common cause against any new competitor.
The counterpane was of patchwork, full of odd little parti-coloured squares and triangles; and this arm of his tattooed all over with an interminable Cretan labyrinth of a figure, no two parts of which were of one precise shade—owing I suppose to his keeping his arm at sea unmethodically in sun and shade, his shirt sleeves irregularly rolled up at various times—this same arm of his, I say, looked for all the world like a strip of that same patchwork quilt.
Between his ribs and on each side of his spine he is supplied with a remarkable involved Cretan labyrinth of vermicelli-like vessels, which vessels, when he quits the surface, are completely distended with oxygenated blood.
The anatomical fact of this labyrinth is indisputable; and that the supposition founded upon it is reasonable and true, seems the more cogent to me, when I consider the otherwise inexplicable obstinacy of that leviathan in having his spoutings out, as the fishermen phrase it.
Every few steps other lofty and still narrower crevices branched from it on either hand—for McDougal’s cave was but a vast labyrinth of crooked aisles that ran into each other and out again and led nowhere.
I don't know what I expected, but I went out and wandered eastward, soon losing my way in a labyrinth of grimy streets and black grassless squares.
He was trying to gather up the scarlet threads of life and to weave them into a pattern; to find his way through the sanguine labyrinth of passion through which he was wandering.

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Deutsch Englisch
Labyrinth {n} labyrinth
T-Labyrinth {n} T-maze
Y-Labyrinth {n} Y-maze
Labyrinth-Kondenswasserableiter {m} labyrinth trap
Labyrinth [musik.] Labyrinth [musik.] (Gian Carlo Menotti)
Radialarm-Labyrinth {n} radial arm maze
Hecken-Labyrinth {n} hedge maze
Tödliches Labyrinth [lit.] High Stakes [lit.] (Rebecca Brandewyne)
Labyrinth-Spitzkopfkugelfisch {m} [zool.] compressed toby (Canthigaster compressa)
knöchernes Labyrinth {n} [-special_topic_med.-] osseous labyrinth [-special_topic_med.-]