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liegt lies
Die Zeit nach Mitternacht (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1985) Lies [original script title]
Der unteleportierte Mann [lit.] Lies [lit.] (Philip K. Dick)
belügt lies to
Lügen haben kurze Beine. Lies have short legs.
Lügen haben kurze Beine. Lies don't travel far.
Die Lügen meiner Mutter (ein kanadisch-US-amerikanischer Fernsehfilm aus dem Jahr 2005) Lies My Mother Told Me
Lies & Illusions (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 2009) Lies & Illusions [original title]
Lies & Illusions (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 2009) Lies and Illusions [Aus.] [DVD title]
Küsse und Lügen (ein US-amerikanischer Fernsehfilm aus dem Jahr 1991) Lies Before Kisses
Eine Liebe in Prag (ein US-amerikanisch-tschechisch-deutscher Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1998) Lies and Whispers [Am.] [TV title]


And there are other circumstances which I am not at liberty—which it is not worth while to relate; but his lies about the whole Pemberley family are endless.
The most violent storm hung exactly north of the town, over the part of the lake which lies between the promontory of Belrive and the village of Copet.
I confessed, that I might obtain absolution; but now that falsehood lies heavier at my heart than all my other sins.
Look also at the innumerable fish that are swimming in the clear waters, where we can distinguish every pebble that lies at the bottom.
Because such an atmosphere of lies infects and poisons the whole life of a home.
This Krogstad, now, has been persistently poisoning his own children with lies and dissimulation; that is why I say he has lost all moral character.
Therein lies my métier, and it is just possible that it may be of some service in the investigation which lies before us.
When these hot fits were over, however, he would rush tumultuously in at the door and lock and bar it behind him, like a man who can brazen it out no longer against the terror which lies at the roots of his soul.
“No, your secret lies in London.
Here it is that this creature takes his daily seat, cross-legged with his tiny stock of matches on his lap, and as he is a piteous spectacle a small rain of charity descends into the greasy leather cap which lies upon the pavement beside him.

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