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> Nash ({m}) (männlicher Vorname) > Nash
Nash {m}Maskulinum (der) ® (Auto) Nash ®
Nash Bridges (eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie) Nash Bridges
Einbettungssatz von Nash {m}Maskulinum (der) [math.] Nash embedding theorem


I am sure Miss Nash would—for Miss Nash thinks her own sister very well married, and it is only a linen-draper.”
I dare say Miss Nash would envy you such an opportunity as this of being married.
Miss Nash had been telling her something, which she repeated immediately with great delight.
Mr. Perry had been to Mrs. Goddard’s to attend a sick child, and Miss Nash had seen him, and he had told Miss Nash, that as he was coming back yesterday from Clayton Park, he had met Mr. Elton, and found to his great surprize, that Mr. Elton was actually on his road to London, and not meaning to return till the morrow, though it was the whist-club night, which he had been never known to miss before; and Mr. Perry had remonstrated with him about it, and told him how shabby it was in him, their best player, to absent himself, and tried very much to persuade him to put off his journey only one day; but it would not do; Mr. Elton had been determined to go on, and had said in a very particular way indeed, that he was going on business which he would not put off for any inducement in the world; and something about a very enviable commission, and being the bearer of something exceedingly precious.
Miss Nash had told her all this, and had talked a great deal more about Mr. Elton; and said, looking so very significantly at her, “that she did not pretend to understand what his business might be, but she only knew that any woman whom Mr. Elton could prefer, she should think the luckiest woman in the world; for, beyond a doubt, Mr. Elton had not his equal for beauty or agreeableness.”
Miss Nash has put down all the texts he has ever preached from since he came to Highbury.
—The two Abbots and I ran into the front room and peeped through the blind when we heard he was going by, and Miss Nash came and scolded us away, and staid to look through herself; however, she called me back presently, and let me look too, which was very good-natured.
—There are the yellow curtains that Miss Nash admires so much.”
Miss Nash thinks either of the Coxes would be very glad to marry him.”

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