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Parkverbot (Verkehrszeichen) No parking (traffic sign)

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Mr. Bennet made no answer.
“You want to tell me, and I have no objection to hearing it.”
“I see no occasion for that.
Sir William and Lady Lucas are determined to go, merely on that account, for in general, you know, they visit no newcomers.
“I desire you will do no such thing.
You have no compassion for my poor nerves.”
“It will be no use to us, if twenty such should come, since you will not visit them.”
He had always intended to visit him, though to the last always assuring his wife that he should not go; and till the evening after the visit was paid she had no knowledge of it.
She is a selfish, hypocritical woman, and I have no opinion of her.”
“Kitty has no discretion in her coughs,” said her father; “she times them ill.”

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