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Der Bulle (ein französisch-italienischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1968) Pasha
Pascha {m}Maskulinum (der) [hist.] pasha
Bassa {m}Maskulinum (der) [veraltet] [hist.] (Pascha) pasha


Some time after, it was stated that the Comte de Morcerf (this was the name he bore) had entered the service of Ali Pasha with the rank of instructor-general.
Ali Pasha was killed, as you know, but before he died he recompensed the services of Fernand by leaving him a considerable sum, with which he returned to France, when he was gazetted lieutenant-general.”
“You know the history of the Pasha of Yanina, do you not?”
“Of Ali Pasha and the beautiful Vasiliki.”
My father,” said Haydée, raising her head, “was that illustrious man known in Europe under the name of Ali Tepelini, pasha of Yanina, and before whom Turkey trembled.”
“One morning my father sent for us; my mother had been crying all the night, and was very wretched; we found the pasha calm, but paler than usual.
Just as my mother was on the point of pushing open a small door, we heard the voice of the pasha sounding in a loud and threatening tone.
They were surrounded by a crowd of people, who opened a way for us to pass, when suddenly my mother, having looked closely at an object which was attracting their attention, uttered a piercing cry and fell to the ground, pointing as she did so to a head which was placed over the gates, and beneath which were inscribed these words: ‘This is the head of Ali Tepelini, Pasha of Yanina.’
But, on the contrary, the particulars which are given prove that Fernand Mondego, raised by Ali Pasha to the rank of governor-general, is no other than Count Fernand of Morcerf; then, recollecting the honor you had done me, in admitting me to your friendship, I hastened to you.”
The count watched him with a feeling of compassion, and when he had completely disappeared, read as follows: “The French officer in the service of Ali Pasha of Yanina alluded to three weeks since in l’Impartial, who not only surrendered the castle of Yanina, but sold his benefactor to the Turks, styled himself truly at that time Fernand, as our esteemed contemporary states; but he has since added to his Christian name a title of nobility and a family name.

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