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Aufstand {m}Maskulinum (der) (Revolte) revolt
Putsch {m}Maskulinum (der) [i. w. S.] revolt
Revolte {f}Femininum (die) revolt
Gnadenlose Killer [Video-Titel] (ein Italo-Western aus dem Jahr 1966) Revolt in Canada [Am.]
Die Unversöhnlichen (ein Italo-Western aus dem Jahr 1966) Revolt in Canada [Am.]
Blutrausch der Zombies [Video-Titel] (ein spanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1973) Revolt of the Dead Ones
Die Beschwörung des Teufels (ein spanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1973) Revolt of the Dead Ones
Die Rebellion der lebenden Leichen (ein spanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1973) Revolt of the Dead Ones
Blumen des Schreckens (ein britischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1962) Revolt of the Triffids
Drei aus Colorado (ein Italo-Western aus dem Jahr 1965) Revolt in Canada [Am.] [informal title]
Die Unversöhnlichen (ein Italo-Western aus dem Jahr 1965) Revolt in Canada [Am.] [informal title]
Wölfe der schwarzen Berge [österr.] (ein Italo-Western aus dem Jahr 1965) Revolt in Canada [Am.] [informal title]
Gnadenlose Killer [Video-Titel] (ein Italo-Western aus dem Jahr 1965) Revolt in Canada [Am.] [informal title]
Aufstand der Fischer von St. Barbara [lit.] (Anna Seghers) Revolt of the Fishermen of Santa Barbara


Every kind of pride must revolt from the connection.
It is your duty as a magistrate, and I believe and hope that your feelings as a man will not revolt from the execution of those functions on this occasion."
The causes of the difficulties in seizing the kingdom of the Turk are that the usurper cannot be called in by the princes of the kingdom, nor can he hope to be assisted in his designs by the revolt of those whom the lord has around him.
Hence, he who attacks the Turk must bear in mind that he will find him united, and he will have to rely more on his own strength than on the revolt of others; but, if once the Turk has been conquered, and routed in the field in such a way that he cannot replace his armies, there is nothing to fear but the family of this prince, and, this being exterminated, there remains no one to fear, the others having no credit with the people; and as the conqueror did not rely on them before his victory, so he ought not to fear them after it.
Also the Religion of the Church of Rome, was partly, for the same cause abolished in England, and many other parts of Christendome; insomuch, as the fayling of Vertue in the Pastors, maketh Faith faile in the People: and partly from bringing of the Philosophy, and doctrine of Aristotle into Religion, by the Schoole-men; from whence there arose so many contradictions, and absurdities, as brought the Clergy into a reputation both of Ignorance, and of Fraudulent intention; and enclined people to revolt from them, either against the will of their own Princes, as in France, and Holland; or with their will, as in England.
Christian States punish those that revolt from Christian Religion, and all other States, those that set up any Religion by them forbidden.
But that Prophet and Dreamer of dreams shall be put to death, because he hath spoken to you to Revolt from the Lord your God."
Secondly, that how great soever the miracle be, yet if it tend to stir up revolt against the King, or him that governeth by the Kings authority, he that doth such miracle, is not to be considered otherwise than as sent to make triall of their allegiance.
The Kingdome therefore of God, is a reall, not a metaphoricall Kingdome; and so taken, not onely in the Old Testament, but the New; when we say, "For thine is the Kingdome, the Power, and Glory," it is to be understood of Gods Kingdome, by force of our Covenant, not by the Right of Gods Power; for such a Kingdome God alwaies hath; so that it were superfluous to say in our prayer, "Thy Kingdome come," unlesse it be meant of the Restauration of that Kingdome of God by Christ, which by revolt of the Israelites had been interrupted in the election of Saul.
The Practice Of Supremacy In Religion, Was Not In The Time Of The Kings, According To The Right Thereof Notwithstanding the government both in Policy and Religion, were joined, first in the High Priests, and afterwards in the Kings, so far forth as concerned the Right; yet it appeareth by the same Holy History, that the people understood it not; but there being amongst them a great part, and probably the greatest part, that no longer than they saw great miracles, or (which is equivalent to a miracle) great abilities, or great felicity in the enterprises of their Governours, gave sufficient credit, either to the fame of Moses, or to the Colloquies between God and the Priests; they took occasion as oft as their Governours displeased them, by blaming sometimes the Policy, sometimes the Religion, to change the Government, or revolt from their Obedience at their pleasure: And from thence proceeded from time to time the civill troubles, divisions, and calamities of the Nation.

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