Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: Rising Sun

Die Wiege der Sonne (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1993)


Within a hundred miles, and in the light of other fires, there were other functionaries less fortunate, that night and other nights, whom the rising sun found hanging across once-peaceful streets, where they had been born and bred; also, there were other villagers and townspeople less fortunate than the mender of roads and his fellows, upon whom the functionaries and soldiery turned with success, and whom they strung up in their turn.
I heard one of your kind an hour ago, singing high over the wood: but its song had no music for me, any more than the rising sun had rays.
At sunrise,—the property of the rising sun is to make us laugh at all our terrors of the past night, and our laughter is in direct proportion to our terror which they have caused,—at sunrise Cosette, when she woke, viewed her fright as a nightmare, and said to herself: “What have I been thinking of?
The next morning going on deck, as he always did at an early hour, the patron found Dantès leaning against the bulwarks gazing with intense earnestness at a pile of granite rocks, which the rising sun tinged with rosy light.
I stood staring into the pit, and my heart lightened gloriously, even as the rising sun struck the world to fire about me with his rays.
I bless the rising sun each day, and, as before, my hearts sings to meet it, but now I love even more its setting, its long slanting rays and the soft, tender, gentle memories that come with them, the dear images from the whole of my long, happy life—and over all the Divine Truth, softening, reconciling, forgiving!

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The Sun ®, die Sun ® (eine englische Boulevardzeitung) The Sun ®
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Sun-Yat-sen-Anzug {m} Zhongshan suit
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