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Heil {n}Neutrum (das) salvation
Rettung {f}Femininum (die) (Errettung, Erlösung; fig., relig. auch: Seelenheil) salvation
Seelenheil {n}Neutrum (das) salvation
Errettung {f}Femininum (die) (fig., relig. auch: Seelenheil) salvation
Erlösung {f}Femininum (die) [relig.] (Seelenrettung) salvation
Erlösung {f}Femininum (die) (Errettung) salvation
Heilsarmee {f}Femininum (die) salvation Army


I beg permission to have a few witnesses examined concerning my character, and if their testimony shall not overweigh my supposed guilt, I must be condemned, although I would pledge my salvation on my innocence."
The band on the pier is playing a harsh waltz in good time, and further along the quay there is a Salvation Army meeting in a back street.
When I came in he threw himself on his knees before me and implored me to let him have a cat; that his salvation depended upon it.
Your only salvation lies in eluding it; but if it comes sideways through the opposing water, then partly owing to the light buoyancy of the whale-boat, and the elasticity of its materials, a cracked rib or a dashed plank or two, a sort of stitch in the side, is generally the most serious result.
This lucky salvation was cheaply purchased by the loss of Queequeg’s hat, who, while standing in the bows to prick the fugitive whales, had his hat taken clean from his head by the air-eddy made by the sudden tossing of a pair of broad flukes close by.
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OF THE SIGNIFICATION IN SCRIPTURE OF ETERNALL LIFE, Place Of Adams Eternity If He Had Not Sinned, The Terrestrial Paradise Texts Concerning The Place Of Life Eternall For Beleevers Ascension Into Heaven The Place After Judgment, Of Those Who Were Never In The Kingdome The Congregation Of Giants Lake Of Fire Utter Darknesse Gehenna, And Tophet Of The Literall Sense Of The Scripture Concerning Hell Satan, Devill, Not Proper Names, But Appellatives Torments Of Hell The Joyes Of Life Eternall, And Salvation The Same Thing, The Place Of Eternall Salvation Redemption CHAPTER XXXIX.
OF WHAT IS NECESSARY FOR A MANS RECEPTION INTO THE The Difficulty Of Obeying God And Man Both At Once Is None To Them That Distinguish Between What Is, And What Is Not All That Is Necessary To Salvation Is Contained In Faith And Obedience What Obedience Is Necessary; And To What Laws In The Faith Of A Christian, Who Is The Person Beleeved The Causes Of Christian Faith Faith Comes By Hearing Proved From The Scope Of The Evangelists From The Sermons Of The Apostles: From The Easinesse Of The Doctrine: From Formall And Cleer Texts From That It Is The Foundation Of All Other Articles In What Sense Other Articles May Be Called Necessary That Faith, And Obedience Are Both Of Them Necessary To Salvation What Each Of Them Contributes Thereunto Obedience To God And To The Civill Soveraign Not Inconsistent Or Infidel CHAPTER XLIV.
The Joyes Of Life Eternall, And Salvation The Same Thing, Salvation From Sin, And From Misery, All One The joyes of Life Eternall, are in Scripture comprehended all under the name of SALVATION, or Being Saved.
And therefore in the Holy Scripture, Remission of Sinne, and Salvation from Death and Misery, is the same thing, as it appears by the words of our Saviour, who having cured a man sick of the Palsey, by saying, (Mat.

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