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> Simon ({m}) (männlicher Vorname) > Simon
Simon [bibl.] Simon
Simon Petrus [bibl.] Simon Peter
Simon Zelotes [bibl.] (ein Apostel Jesu Christi) Simon the Zealot
Simon Kananäus [bibl.] (Simon Zelotes [ein Apostel Jesu Christi]) Simon Kananaios (Simon the Zealote)
Simon und Simon (eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie) Simon & Simon
Simon in der Wüste (ein mexikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1965) Simon of the Desert
Gefangen im goldenen Käfig (ein US-amerikanischer Pornofilm aus dem Jahr 2002) Simon Wolf's Gypsy Curse [complete title]


THE ADVENTURE OF THE NOBLE BACHELOR The Lord St. Simon marriage, and its curious termination, have long ceased to be a subject of interest in those exalted circles in which the unfortunate bridegroom moves.
But if you have followed recent events so closely you must have read about Lord St. Simon and his wedding?”
As it is an open secret that the Duke of Balmoral has been compelled to sell his pictures within the last few years, and as Lord St. Simon has no property of his own save the small estate of Birchmoor, it is obvious that the Californian heiress is not the only gainer by an alliance which will enable her to make the easy and common transition from a Republican lady to a British peeress.’ ”
It is headed, ‘Singular Occurrence at a Fashionable Wedding’: “ ‘The family of Lord Robert St. Simon has been thrown into the greatest consternation by the strange and painful episodes which have taken place in connection with his wedding.
“ ‘The ceremony, which was performed at St. George’s, Hanover Square, was a very quiet one, no one being present save the father of the bride, Mr. Aloysius Doran, the Duchess of Balmoral, Lord Backwater, Lord Eustace and Lady Clara St. Simon (the younger brother and sister of the bridegroom), and Lady Alicia Whittington.
Lord St. Simon glanced over it.
“Lady St. Simon said something about ‘jumping a claim.’
Lord St. Simon shrugged his shoulders and raised his eyebrows.
Lord St. Simon shook his head.
“It is very good of Lord St. Simon to honour my head by putting it on a level with his own,” said Sherlock Holmes, laughing.

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