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Deutsch Englisch
stelzend stalking
Pirsch {f}Femininum (die) [i. w. S.] stalking
Pirschstiefel {m}Maskulinum (der) stalking boot
Pirschstiefel {pl}Plural (die) stalking boots
Die schwarze Welt des Elvis Cole [lit.] Stalking the Angel [lit.] (Robert Crais)
Lauras Schatten (ein US-amerikanischer Fernsehfilm aus dem Jahr 1993) Stalking Laura


With death stalking beside me?
“Hallo, you sir,” cried the Captain, a gaunt rib of the sea, stalking up to Queequeg, “what in thunder do you mean by that?
Without having any definite idea of the penalties I had incurred, it was clear to me that village boys could not go stalking about the country, ravaging the houses of gentlefolks and pitching into the studious youth of England, without laying themselves open to severe punishment.
Of course she should have roused the children at once; not merely because of the unknown that was stalking toward them, but because it was no longer good for them to sleep on a rock grown chilly.
The crocodile passed him, but not another living thing, not a sound, not a movement; and yet he knew well that sudden death might be at the next tree, or stalking him from behind.
For the last few minutes M. Leblanc had appeared to be watching and following all the movements of Thénardier, who, blinded and dazzled by his own rage, was stalking to and fro in the den with full confidence that the door was guarded, and of holding an unarmed man fast, he being armed himself, of being nine against one, supposing that the female Thénardier counted for but one man.
It was clear that the hydra of anarchy had emerged from its box and that it was stalking abroad through the quarter.
They were all stalking seaward, as if to intercept the escape of the multitudinous vessels that were crowded between Foulness and the Naze.
And then when he saw Sir Beaumains fast asleep, he came stilly stalking behind the dwarf, and plucked him fast under his arm, and so he rode away with him as fast as ever he might unto his own castle.

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