Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: The Cardinal

Der Kardinal (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1963)


The estate is called Carfax, no doubt a corruption of the old Quatre Face, as the house is four-sided, agreeing with the cardinal points of the compass.
(*) Pope Leo X was the Cardinal de' Medici.
Pagolo and the Duke di Gravina Orsini were kept alive until the duke heard from Rome that the pope had taken the Cardinal Orsino, the Archbishop of Florence, and Messer Jacopo da Santa Croce.
Even the cardinal virtues cannot atone for half-cold entrees, as Lord Henry remarked once, in a discussion on the subject, and there is possibly a good deal to be said for his view.
That very evening, the Emperor asked the Cardinal the name of the Curé, and some time afterwards M. Myriel was utterly astonished to learn that he had been appointed Bishop of D—— What truth was there, after all, in the stories which were invented as to the early portion of M. Myriel’s life?
on the same day when the Papal Nuncio, on the one hand, and the Cardinal de la Roche-Aymon on the other, both devoutly kneeling, were each engaged in putting on, in his Majesty’s presence, a slipper on the bare feet of Madame du Barry, who had just got out of bed.
The last arch-bishop, the Cardinal de Périgord, did not even know that Charles de Gondren succeeded to Berulle, and François Bourgoin to Gondren, and Jean-François Senault to Bourgoin, and Father Sainte-Marthe to Jean-François Senault.
M. le Duc d’Angoulême, the bastard of his Majesty Charles IX., married a silly jade of fifteen when he was eighty-five; M. Virginal, Marquis d’Alluye, brother to the Cardinal de Sourdis, Archbishop of Bordeaux, had, at the age of eighty-three, by the maid of Madame la Présidente Jacquin, a son, a real child of love, who became a Chevalier of Malta and a counsellor of state; one of the great men of this century, the Abbé Tabaraud, is the son of a man of eighty-seven.
The Cardinal of Cl****** T******* was a merry little man, who displayed his red stockings beneath his tucked-up cassock; his specialty was a hatred of the Encyclopædia, and his desperate play at billiards, and persons who, at that epoch, passed through the Rue M***** on summer evenings, where the hotel de Cl****** T******* then stood, halted to listen to the shock of the balls and the piercing voice of the Cardinal shouting to his conclavist, Monseigneur Cotiret, Bishop in partibus of Caryste: “Mark, Abbé, I make a cannon.”
It was an illuminated book, with beautiful Gothic characters, and so weighty with gold, that a servant always carried it before the cardinal on days of great solemnity.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
Kardinalstrecke {f} cardinal distance
Der Kardinal (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1963) The Cardinal
Schmalschnabelkardinal {m} [zool.] (ein Vogel) Texas cardinal (Cardinalis sinuatus / Cardinalis sinuata / Pyrrhuloxia sinuata / Pyrrhuloxia sinuatus)
Kardinalfrage {f} cardinal question
kardinalrot cardinal red
kardinalsrot cardinal's red
Kardinalstrecke {f} cardinal length
Kardinaltetra {m} [zool.] cardinal tetra (Paracheirodon axelrodi)
Schmalschnabel-Kardinal {m} [zool.] (ein Vogel) Texas cardinal (Cardinalis sinuatus / Cardinalis sinuata / Pyrrhuloxia sinuata / Pyrrhuloxia sinuatus)
grundsätzlich cardinal