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Ich bin der Größte (eine US-amerikanische Filmbiografie über den Boxer Muhammad Ali aus dem Jahr 1977)
Ich bin der Grösste [schweiz. Orthogr.] (eine US-amerikanische Filmbiografie über den Boxer Muhammad Ali aus dem Jahr 1977)
Zeit der Trauer (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 2009)


By Jane, this attention was received with the greatest pleasure, but Elizabeth still saw superciliousness in their treatment of everybody, hardly excepting even her sister, and could not like them; though their kindness to Jane, such as it was, had a value as arising in all probability from the influence of their brother’s admiration.
“I am sure,” she added, “if it was not for such good friends I do not know what would become of her, for she is very ill indeed, and suffers a vast deal, though with the greatest patience in the world, which is always the way with her, for she has, without exception, the sweetest temper I have ever met with.
“You either choose this method of passing the evening because you are in each other’s confidence, and have secret affairs to discuss, or because you are conscious that your figures appear to the greatest advantage in walking; if the first, I would be completely in your way, and if the second, I can admire you much better as I sit by the fire.”
Chapter 15 Mr. Collins was not a sensible man, and the deficiency of nature had been but little assisted by education or society; the greatest part of his life having been spent under the guidance of an illiterate and miserly father; and though he belonged to one of the universities, he had merely kept the necessary terms, without forming at it any useful acquaintance.
“We were born in the same parish, within the same park; the greatest part of our youth was passed together; inmates of the same house, sharing the same amusements, objects of the same parental care.
Mr. Darcy often acknowledged himself to be under the greatest obligations to my father’s active superintendence, and when, immediately before my father’s death, Mr. Darcy gave him a voluntary promise of providing for me, I am convinced that he felt it to be as much a debt of gratitude to him, as of his affection to myself.”
That would be the greatest misfortune of all!
However, your coming just at this time is the greatest of comforts, and I am very glad to hear what you tell us, of long sleeves.”
My father’s opinion of me does me the greatest honour, and I should be miserable to forfeit it.
It is the greatest of favours when Miss de Bourgh comes in.”

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Deutsch Englisch
besten greatest
grösste [orthogr. schweiz.] (Entfernung) greatest
Die große Offensive (ein italienisch-deutsch-jugoslawischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1978) The Greatest Battle
Der grösste Liebhaber der Welt [schweiz. Orthogr.] (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1977) The World's Greatest Lover
grösster gemeinsamer Teiler {m} [schweiz. Orthogr.], ggT {m} [math.] greatest common divisor , gcd
Belmondo - Der Teufelskerl [TV-Titel] (ein französisch-italienischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1973) How to Destroy the Reputation of the Greatest Secret Agent... [Br.] [alternative title]
großartigste greatest
größte (Entfernung) greatest
Die grosse Offensive [schweiz. Orthogr.] (ein italienisch-deutsch-jugoslawischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1978) The Greatest Battle
Ihr Fall, Inspector Morse [lit.] (Colin Dexter) Morse's Greatest Mystery and other Stories