Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: The Hunger

Begierde (ein britischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1983)
Begierde - The Hunger (eine eine kanadisch-britisch-US-amerikanische Fernsehserie)


dreamers absorbed in the wonderful, dipping into the idolatry of nature, indifferent to good and evil, contemplators of cosmos and radiantly forgetful of man, who do not understand how people can occupy themselves with the hunger of these, and the thirst of those, with the nudity of the poor in winter, with the lymphatic curvature of the little spinal column, with the pallet, the attic, the dungeon, and the rags of shivering young girls, when they can dream beneath the trees; peaceful and terrible spirits they, and pitilessly satisfied.
[211] The hunger for wealth, which reduces the planet to a garden, fools the eager pursuer.
But so soon as this strangeness had been realised it passed, and my dominant motive became the hunger of my long and dismal fast.
Begins now the dance—the Dance of the Hunger of Kaa.
For, remember, Mowgli, I, who am the Black Panther, was forced to call upon Kaa for protection, and Baloo and I were both made stupid as little birds by the Hunger Dance.
Poor fellow, I say, with his nervous honour, fancying they perceive a league off the patch on his shoe, the sweat-stains on his hat, the shabbiness of his cloak, and the hunger of his stomach!"

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Deutsch Englisch
Hunger {m} hunger
rasender Hunger {m} rabid hunger
stillen (Hunger) to satisfy
rasender Hunger {m} ravenous hunger
riesiger Hunger {m} enormous appetite
Hunger haben be hungry {v}
Hunger haben to feel hungry
enormer Hunger {m} enormous appetite
nagender Hunger {m} pangs of hunger
Hunger bekommen to get hungry