Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: The Twist

Die verrückten Reichen (ein französisch-italienisch-deutscher Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1976)


“Let us now,” said Wendy, bracing herself up for her finest effort, “take a peep into the future;” and they all gave themselves the twist that makes peeps into the future easier.
What I have heard of Bramins sitting exposed to four fires and looking in the face of the sun; or hanging suspended, with their heads downward, over flames; or looking at the heavens over their shoulders "until it becomes impossible for them to resume their natural position, while from the twist of the neck nothing but liquids can pass into the stomach"; or dwelling, chained for life, at the foot of a tree; or measuring with their bodies, like caterpillars, the breadth of vast empires; or standing on one leg on the tops of pillars—even these forms of conscious penance are hardly more incredible and astonishing than the scenes which I daily witness.
But he soon gave me greater occasion to exclaim, by stooping down and slipping his hands above my garters; thence he strove to regain the pass, which he had before found so open, and unguarded; but now he could not unlock the twist of my thighs; I gently complained, and begged him to let me alone; told him I was not well.
Then he took my hand, which he guided, not unwillingly on my side, between the twist of his closed thighs, which were extremely warm; there he lodged and pressed it, till raising it by degrees, he made me feel the proud distinction of his sex from mine.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
Twist-Tänzer {m} twister
Twist tanzen to dance the twist
Twist-Tänzerin {f} (female) twister
Twist ({n}) [geogr.] Twist (a municipality in Lower Saxony, Germany)
Oliver Twist [lit.] The Adventures of Oliver Twist [lit.] (Charles Dickens)
Bimini-Twist-Knoten {m} Bimini twist
Twist {m} (ein Tanz) twist
Preis-Twist {m} [ökon.] price twist
Twist {m} [Sport] (beim Tennis) twister
African Twist {m} (ein Mode-Tanz) African twist