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Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: Too

Deutsch Englisch
allzu too
auch too
überdies too
zu too
zu viel too much
allzu viel too much
denkfaul too lazy to think
in der Taille zu eng too tight at the waist
Include-Verschachtelung zu tief too many nested files
vertrauensselig too confiding
zu lange too long
zuviel {adj.} {adv.} [alte Orthogr.] too much
zu viel des Guten too much of a good thing
zu viele Dateien auf einmal offen too many open files
zu viele Dateien innerhalb eines Projekts too many files
zu viele Köche verderben den Brei [Redensart] too many cooks spoil the broth
zu viele Variablen too many variables
zu viele Verschachtelungsebenen too many nested scopes
zu wenig too little
allzuviel {adj.} {adv.} [alte Orthogr.] too much
zuwenig [alt] too little
plump-vertraulich too familiar
aufdringlich too familiar
schade too bad

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I was sure you loved your girls too well to neglect such an acquaintance.
you are a great deal too apt, you know, to like people in general.
Elizabeth listened in silence, but was not convinced; their behaviour at the assembly had not been calculated to please in general; and with more quickness of observation and less pliancy of temper than her sister, and with a judgement too unassailed by any attention to herself, she was very little disposed to approve them.
Miss Bennet he acknowledged to be pretty, but she smiled too much.
The distinction had perhaps been felt too strongly.
Lady Lucas was a very good kind of woman, not too clever to be a valuable neighbour to Mrs. Bennet.
Mr. Darcy stood near them in silent indignation at such a mode of passing the evening, to the exclusion of all conversation, and was too much engrossed by his thoughts to perceive that Sir William Lucas was his neighbour, till Sir William thus began: “What a charming amusement for young people this is, Mr. Darcy!
“Your list of the common extent of accomplishments,” said Darcy, “has too much truth.
“She is a great deal too ill to be moved.
Perhaps he thought her too young.

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