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Reisen {pl}Plural (die) travels
reist travels
Im Kreis der Welt [lit.] Travels [lit.] (Michael Crichton)
befährt travels on
Reisen mit meiner Tante [lit.] Travels With My Aunt [lit.] (Graham Greene)
Reise mit einem Esel durch die Cevennen [lit.] Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes [lit.] (Robert Louis Stevenson)
Reise mit Anita (ein italienisch-französischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1979) Travels with Anita
Nihilon [lit.] Travels in Nihilon [lit.] (Alan Sillitoe)
Reise nach Nihilon [lit.] Travels in Nihilon [lit.] (Alan Sillitoe)


"My travels were long and the sufferings I endured intense.
I could only think of the bourne of my travels and the work which was to occupy me whilst they endured.
“He travels for Westhouse & Marbank, the great claret importers of Fenchurch Street.”
It was the very witching time of night that Ichabod, heavy-hearted and crestfallen, pursued his travels homewards, along the sides of the lofty hills which rise above Tarry Town, and which he had traversed so cheerily in the afternoon.
I shall enter here some of my notes, as they may refresh my memory when I talk over my travels with Mina.
He and I sometimes write letters in shorthand, and he is keeping a stenographic journal of his travels abroad.
But the merchant said, ‘that can never be true; he must be a fine king truly who travels about in a shepherd’s frock!’
he travels faster than I thought for;—the top-gallant sails!
So, so; he travels fast, and I must down.
Talk to me, yes, tell me about your travels and all you have been doing on your estates.”

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