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Vampire {pl}Plural (die) vampires
Beilight – Bis(s) zum Abendbrot (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 2010) Vampires Suck
Jetzt noch mehr verrückte Götter (ein Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1991) Vampires Must Be Crazy


One of those big bats that they call vampires had got at her in the night, and what with his gorge and the vein left open, there wasn’t enough blood in her to let her stand up, and I had to put a bullet through her as she lay.
Does not the belief in vampires rest for others—though not, alas!
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Then spake young Stephen orgulous of mother Church that would cast him out of her bosom, of law of canons, of Lilith, patron of abortions, of bigness wrought by wind of seeds of brightness or by potency of vampires mouth to mouth or, as Virgilius saith, by the influence of the occident or by the reek of moonflower or an she lie with a woman which her man has but lain with, effectu secuto, or peradventure in her bath according to the opinions of Averroes and Moses Maimonides.
"But after all these proceedings according to law," he continued--"so many graves opened, and so many vampires deprived of their horrible animation--the village was not relieved.
It is the nature of vampires to increase and multiply, but according to an ascertained and ghostly law.

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