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man we
unsereins we
wir we
Bitte beehren Sie uns mit einem Besuch auf der Messe. We would be honoured if you would visit us at the fair.
Bitte wenden Sie sich an die oben angegebene Adresse We ask you to contact directly the above address
das darf nicht unwidersprochen bleiben we can't let this pass unchallenged
Das Glück suchen wir, das Unglück sucht uns. We seek good fortune, misfortune seeks us.
Die Ergebnisse liegen noch nicht vor. We haven't received (had) any results so far.
Einzelstücke verkaufen wir nicht we don't sell them singly
Es fiel uns nichts ein. We could think of nothing to say.
Früher wohnten wir auf dem Lande. We used to live in the country.
Irren ist menschlich. We all make mistakes.
Man verspricht uns höhere Löhne. We are promised higher wages.
So schnell schießen die Preußen nicht. We are not that quick on the trigger.
Uns fiel nichts ein. We could think of nothing to say.
Unsere Pläne müssen wir auf Eis legen. We must put off our plans.
Unsere Vorräte gehen zu Ende. We are running out of supplies.
Unsere Vorräte gehen zur Neige. We are running out of supplies.
Was man wünscht, glaubt man gern. We believe what we wish to believe.
wir beginnen mit der Annahme... we begin by assuming...
wir begrabschten einander we groped each other
wir bieten we offer
Wir bitten, von Reden und Ansprachen abzusehen. We ask to refrain from speeches and addresses.

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We are not in a way to know what Mr. Bingley likes,” said her mother resentfully, “since we are not to visit.”
“But you forget, mamma,” said Elizabeth, “that we shall meet him at the assemblies, and that Mrs. Long promised to introduce him.”
But if we do not venture somebody else will; and after all, Mrs. Long and her nieces must stand their chance; and, therefore, as she will think it an act of kindness, if you decline the office, I will take it on myself.”
It is very unlucky; but as I have actually paid the visit, we cannot escape the acquaintance now.”
At our time of life it is not so pleasant, I can tell you, to be making new acquaintances every day; but for your sakes, we would do anything.
Miss Bingley is to live with her brother, and keep his house; and I am much mistaken if we shall not find a very charming neighbour in her.”
Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us.”
“He is, indeed; but, considering the inducement, my dear Miss Eliza, we cannot wonder at his complaisance—for who would object to such a partner?”
“This is the only point, I flatter myself, on which we do not agree.
When they get to our age, I dare say they will not think about officers any more than we do.

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