Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: a sigh of relief

ein Seufzer der Erleichterung


Mrs. Harker smiled, positively smiled, as with a sigh of relief she leaned back and said:— “And now one word of warning, a warning which you must never forget: this time, if it ever come, may come quickly and unexpectedly, and in such case you must lose no time in using your opportunity.
Dorian heaved a sigh of relief as he saw the gardener approaching.
Again he embraced and kissed Prince Andrew, but before the latter had left the room Kutúzov gave a sigh of relief and went on with his unfinished novel, Les Chevaliers du Cygne by Madame de Genlis.
I fancy he breathed a sigh of relief when she complied.

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Deutsch Englisch
Relief {n} relief
Grundfläche {f} (Relief) ground
gekämmt {adj.} [bautech etc.] (bez. Muster, Relief [Putz etc.]) combed
Entspannung {f} [euphem.] (sexuelle Befriedigung) relief
Reliefdruckmaschine {f} relief printing machine
reliefieren (in Holz, Stein, Elfenbein etc.) to carve as a relief
Specksteinrelief {n} soapstone relief
Abblasedruck {m} (Sicherheitsventil) set pressure (relief valve)
einen Seufzer ausstossen [schweiz. Orthogr.] to heave a sigh
ein Seufzer der Erleichterung a sigh of relief