Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: above mentioned

oben erwähnt


When we were about to sign the above mentioned articles, which were to be binding on us, our heirs, etc., for fifty years, Mr. Brockden, the scrivener, said to us, "You are young men, but it is scarcely probable that any of you will live to see the expiration of the term fix'd in the instrument."
The union of the above mentioned men with this class of woman takes place on the occasions of unpaid labour, of filling the granaries in their houses, of taking things in and out of the house, of cleaning the houses, of working in the fields, and of purchasing cotton, wool, flax, hemp, and thread, and at the season of the purchase, sale, and exchange of various other articles, as well as at the time of doing various other works.
The above mentioned ways of gaining over the wives of other men are chiefly practised in the palaces of Kings.
The faults of the women are to be known by the absence of any of the above mentioned good qualities.
Now the following is the manner in which she is to conduct herself, so as to accomplish the above mentioned purpose.
CHAPTER VIII—PHILOSOPHY AFTER DRINKING The senator above mentioned was a clever man, who had made his own way, heedless of those things which present obstacles, and which are called conscience, sworn faith, justice, duty: he had marched straight to his goal, without once flinching in the line of his advancement and his interest.
But it must be borne in mind that the form of the moon’s orbit being an ellipse of eccentricity amounting to no less than 0.05484 of the major semi-axis of the ellipse itself, and the earth’s centre being situated in its focus, if I could, in any manner, contrive to meet the moon, as it were, in its perigee, the above mentioned distance would be materially diminished.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
erwähnt mentioned
im selben Atemzug genannt werden mit be mentioned in the same breath as {v}
letztgenannt last-mentioned
oben erwähnt a/m : above mentioned
oben erwähnt above mentioned
oben erwähnt above-mentioned
oben genannt above-mentioned
urkundlich erwähnt mentioned in a document
d.O. : das Obige the above-mentioned
in einem Atemzug genannt werden mit be mentioned in the same breath as {v}