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Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: ahead

Deutsch Englisch
geradeaus ahead
oben ahead
voraus ahead
vorn ahead
vorne ahead
nach vorn ahead
nach vorn zu ahead
weiter vor ahead
voran ahead
vorwärts ahead
an der Spitze ahead
schneller als geplant ahead of schedule
seiner Zeit voraus ahead of the times
vor (weiter vorn) ahead of
voraus ahead of
Vorwärtsturbine {f}Femininum (die) ahead turbine
im Vorfeld von [fig.] ahead of


Then through the darkness I could see a sort of patch of grey light ahead of us, as though there were a cleft in the hills.
It is a good way round from the West Cliff by the Drawbridge to Tate Hill Pier, but your correspondent is a fairly good runner, and came well ahead of the crowd.
He was already well ahead with his fly business; and he had just started in the spider line also; so he had not been of any trouble to me.
As usual Van Helsing had thought ahead of everyone else, and was prepared with an exact ordering of our work.
In case he should find it out too soon, we should thus be still ahead of him in our work of destruction; and his presence in his purely material shape, and at his weakest, might give us some new clue.
We are travelling fast, and as we have no driver with us to carry tales, we go ahead of scandal; but I daresay that fear of the evil eye will follow hard behind us all the way.
He was silent and looked straight ahead as if waiting for something.
The Florentines sent forward four hundred cavalry ahead of their army which was following, never expecting to find Castruccio in possession of the hill, nor were they aware of his having seized the castle.
If any one of the three had had the hardihood to propose to another to walk on a little ahead into the mist and darkness, he would have put himself in a fair way of getting shot instantly as a highwayman.
The postilions, with a thousand gossamer gnats circling about them in lieu of the Furies, quietly mended the points to the lashes of their whips; the valet walked by the horses; the courier was audible, trotting on ahead into the dull distance.

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