Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: alert

Alarm {m}Maskulinum (der)
Alarmruf {m}Maskulinum (der)
Warnton {m}Maskulinum (der)
munter (aufgeweckt, lebhaft)
frisch [fig.] (aufgeweckt, lebhaft)


He was a small, wiry, sunburnt man, clean-shaven, with a sharp face and alert manner.
By the time this cautious search is over, a stout iron-bound bucket, precisely like a well-bucket, has been attached to one end of the whip; while the other end, being stretched across the deck, is there held by two or three alert hands.
They presently entered, softly, with quickened pulses, talking in whispers, ears alert to catch the slightest sound, and muscles tense and ready for instant retreat.
A shaven space of lawn one soft May evening, the wellremembered grove of lilacs at Roundtown, purple and white, fragrant slender spectators of the game but with much real interest in the pellets as they run slowly forward over the sward or collide and stop, one by its fellow, with a brief alert shock.
in the rough sands of the sea... a cabletow’s length from the shore... where the tide ebbs... and flows ... (Silent, thoughtful, alert he stands on guard, his fingers at his lips in the attitude of secret master.
Despite his rapid journey and sleepless night, Prince Andrew when he drove up to the palace felt even more vigorous and alert than he had done the day before.
He entered the drawing room with his usual alert step, glancing rapidly round the company.
Balashëv, who was on the alert all through the dinner, replied that just as “all roads lead to Rome,” so all roads lead to Moscow: there were many roads, and “among them the road through Poltáva, which Charles XII chose.”
” CHAPTER XXIII At that moment Count Rostopchín with his protruding chin and alert eyes, wearing the uniform of a general with sash over his shoulder, entered the room, stepping briskly to the front of the crowd of gentry.
The flame illuminated her hand stretched out: roused now, and on the alert for discoveries, I at once noticed that hand.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
alert vivacious
Quick Reaction Alert {m}, QRA {m} [mil.] (Alarm bei einem Überraschungsangriff) quick reaction alert , QRA
Datenfehler {m} data alert
wachsam alert
Terroralarm {m} terrorist alert
Großalarm (ein US-amerikanischer Fernsehfilm aus dem Jahr 1977) Red Alert
Grossalarm [schweiz. orthogr.] (ein US-amerikanischer Fernsehfilm aus dem Jahr 1977) Red Alert
blinder Alarm {m} false alert
Luftalarm {m} air raid alert
Unwetterwarnung {f} [meteo.] severe weather alert