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Deutsch Englisch
erlaubt allowable
rechtmäßig allowable
zulässig allowable
zulässige allowable
Abmaß {n}Neutrum (das) (zulässiges) allowable deviation
Steuerfreibetrag {m}Maskulinum (der) [fin.] allowable deduction
Zulässige Ausschusszahl {f}Femininum (die) allowable defects
Steuerfreibeträge {pl}Plural (die) [fin.] allowable deductions


If it were not allowable for him to gain my affections because I had no money, what occasion could there be for making love to a girl whom he did not care about, and who was equally poor?”
One lesson, too, we have learned, if it be allowable to argue a particulari: that the brute beasts which are to the Count’s command are yet themselves not amenable to his spiritual power; for look, these rats that would come to his call, just as from his castle top he summon the wolves to your going and to that poor mother’s cry, though they come to him, they run pell-mell from the so little dogs of my friend Arthur.
Every shade of light and dark, of truth, and of fiction which is the veil of truth, is allowable in a work of philosophical imagination.
To us, economies or accommodations would not be allowable unless they were required by the human faculties or necessary for the communication of knowledge to the simple and ignorant.
Had it been allowable entertainment, had there been no pain to her friend, or reproach to herself, in the waverings of Harriet’s mind, Emma would have been amused by its variations.
It can be allowable only as the thought of the moment.”
—In order to assist a concealment so essential to me, I was led on to make more than an allowable use of the sort of intimacy into which we were immediately thrown.
She did not know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing, useful or dangerous, eternal or temporary, allowable or prohibited; she loved.
Into this festal season of the year—as it already was, and continued to be during the greater part of two centuries—the Puritans compressed whatever mirth and public joy they deemed allowable to human infirmity; thereby so far dispelling the customary cloud, that, for the space of a single holiday, they appeared scarcely more grave than most other communities at a period of general affliction.
“Simply the fact that the idea never occurred to me,” answered Dantès. “Because,” said the old man, “the natural repugnance to the commission of such a crime prevented you from thinking of it; and so it ever is because in simple and allowable things our natural instincts keep us from deviating from the strict line of duty.

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