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barsch angular
eckig angular
hager angular
knochig angular
schräg angular
steif {adj.} [fig.] (förmlich) angular {adj.} [fig.]
steif (ungelenk) angular
winklig angular
Drall {m}Maskulinum (der) (physik.: Impuls) (intrinsic) angular momentum
Drehimpuls {m}Maskulinum (der) [phys.] angular momentum
Drehmoment {n}Neutrum (das) [phys.] angular momentum
Drehmomentdurchflussmesser {m}Maskulinum (der) angular momentum flowmeter
Kreisfrequenz {f}Femininum (die) [phys.] angular frequency
Meersau {f}Femininum (die) [zool.] (Haifischart) angular roughshark (Oxynotus centrina)
Positionsbestimmung über Drehwinkel angular positioning
Scheitelpunkt {m}Maskulinum (der) angular point
Schrägfläche {f}Femininum (die) angular face
Schräglager {n}Neutrum (das) [tech.] angular contact bearing
Winkelfräser {m}Maskulinum (der) [tech.] angular half-side mill
Winkelfräser {m}Maskulinum (der) [tech.] angular mill
Winkelgetriebe {n}Neutrum (das) [tech.] angular gear
Winkelgetriebe {n}Neutrum (das) [tech.] angular gearbox
Winkelschnittverfahren {n}Neutrum (das) angular section analysis
Winkelverwandtschaft {f}Femininum (die) angular relationship
Öffnungswinkel {m}Maskulinum (der) (Objektiv) angular field
Schrägkugellager {n}Neutrum (das) [tech.] angular ball bearing
Traglager {n}Neutrum (das) [tech.] angular bearing
Radial-Schrägkugellager {n}Neutrum (das) [tech.] angular contact ball bearing

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This fin is some three or four feet long, growing vertically from the hinder part of the back, of an angular shape, and with a very sharp pointed end.
The wooden reel and angular log attached hung, long untouched, just beneath the railing of the after bulwarks.
The Manxman took the reel, and holding it high up, by the projecting handle-ends of the spindle, round which the spool of line revolved, so stood with the angular log hanging downwards, till Ahab advanced to him.
But when the occasion presented itself, there was suddenly seen to emerge from all this shadow, as from an ambuscade, a narrow and angular forehead, a baleful glance, a threatening chin, enormous hands, and a monstrous cudgel.
The Comte de Lamothe, who, in 1815, was an old man seventy-five years of age, had nothing remarkable about him except his silent and sententious air, his cold and angular face, his perfectly polished manners, his coat buttoned up to his cravat, and his long legs always crossed in long, flabby trousers of the hue of burnt sienna.
He leaned across the candle, crossing his arms, putting his angular and ferocious jaw close to M. Leblanc’s calm face, and advancing as far as possible without forcing M. Leblanc to retreat, and, in this posture of a wild beast who is about to bite, he exclaimed:— “My name is not Fabantou, my name is not Jondrette, my name is Thénardier.
There was something about her, as she thus ran about among paths, where her outline appeared perfectly black, waving her angular arms, and with her fichu all in rags, that resembled a bat.
The small and angular head of this man, his white hair and thick gray moustaches, caused him to be easily recognized by Baptistin, who had received an exact description of the expected visitor, and who was awaiting him in the hall.
The heights of Pindus towered above us; the castle of Yanina rose white and angular from the blue waters of the lake, and the immense masses of black vegetation which, viewed in the distance, gave the idea of lichens clinging to the rocks, were in reality gigantic fir-trees and myrtles.
Mightn’t one, to reach his mind, risk the stretch of an angular arm over his character?

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