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genehmigt {adj.} approved
(formell) bestätigt {adj.} approved
gebilligt {adj.} approved
anerkannt {adj.} approved
angenommen {adj.} (bes. Doktorarbeit) approved
gutgeheißen approved
anerkannter Beleg approved voucher
anerkannter Wechsel approved bill
ermächtigter Ausführer approved exporter
Erziehungsanstalt {f}Femininum (die) [veraltend] approved school [Br.]
Erziehungsheim {n}Neutrum (das) (Besserungsanstalt) approved school [Br.]
zugelassener Händler {m}Maskulinum (der) approved dealer
zugelassene Dosismessstelle {f}Femininum (die) [nukl., med.-tech.] approved dosimetric service , ADS
zugelassene Dosismeßstelle {f}Femininum (die) [alte Orthogr.] [nukl., med.-tech.] approved dosimetric service , ADS


She had even condescended to advise him to marry as soon as he could, provided he chose with discretion; and had once paid him a visit in his humble parsonage, where she had perfectly approved all the alterations he had been making, and had even vouchsafed to suggest some herself—some shelves in the closet up stairs.”
She highly approved his forbearance, and they had leisure for a full discussion of it, and for all the commendation which they civilly bestowed on each other, as Wickham and another officer walked back with them to Longbourn, and during the walk he particularly attended to her.
After discharging his conscience on that head, he proceeded to inform them, with many rapturous expressions, of his happiness in having obtained the affection of their amiable neighbour, Miss Lucas, and then explained that it was merely with the view of enjoying her society that he had been so ready to close with their kind wish of seeing him again at Longbourn, whither he hoped to be able to return on Monday fortnight; for Lady Catherine, he added, so heartily approved his marriage, that she wished it to take place as soon as possible, which he trusted would be an unanswerable argument with his amiable Charlotte to name an early day for making him the happiest of men.
I had begun my adjuration with solemnity and an awe which almost assured me that the shades of my murdered friends heard and approved my devotion, but the furies possessed me as I concluded, and rage choked my utterance.
Gregor listened very closely to all this, and approved fully.
People in Nantucket invest their money in whaling vessels, the same way that you do yours in approved state stocks bringing in good interest.
Right Reason Where And as in Arithmetique, unpractised men must, and Professors themselves may often erre, and cast up false; so also in any other subject of Reasoning, the ablest, most attentive, and most practised men, may deceive themselves, and inferre false Conclusions; Not but that Reason it selfe is always Right Reason, as well as Arithmetique is a certain and infallible art: But no one mans Reason, nor the Reason of any one number of men, makes the certaintie; no more than an account is therefore well cast up, because a great many men have unanimously approved it.
This NATURALL WITTE, consisteth principally in two things; Celerity Of Imagining, (that is, swift succession of one thought to another;) and Steddy Direction to some approved end.
First, we have the Example of the children of Israel; who when Moses, that had approved his Calling to them by Miracles, and by the happy conduct of them out of Egypt, was absent but 40 dayes, revolted from the worship of the true God, recommended to them by him; and setting up (Exod.32 1,2) a Golden Calfe for their God, relapsed into the Idolatry of the Egyptians; from whom they had been so lately delivered.
and if it be not against Reason, it is not against Justice; or else Justice is not to be approved for good.

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