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Deutsch Englisch
abgesprochen arranged
arrangiert arranged
eingerichtet arranged
vereinbarte arranged
Verabredungsdaten {pl}Plural (die) arranged data
vereinbartes Signal {n}Neutrum (das) arranged signal
verabredetes Signal {n}Neutrum (das) arranged signal
ausgemachtes Signal {n}Neutrum (das) (vereinbartes Signal) arranged signal
festgelegtes Signal {n}Neutrum (das) (vereinbartes Signal) arranged signal


It was rather small, but well built and convenient; and everything was fitted up and arranged with a neatness and consistency of which Elizabeth gave Charlotte all the credit.
"Having thus arranged my dwelling and carpeted it with clean straw, I retired, for I saw the figure of a man at a distance, and I remembered too well my treatment the night before to trust myself in his power.
The young woman arranged the cottage and prepared the food, and the youth departed after the first meal.
He quickly arranged with the Turk that if the latter should find a favourable opportunity for escape before Felix could return to Italy, Safie should remain as a boarder at a convent at Leghorn; and then, quitting the lovely Arabian, he hastened to Paris and delivered himself up to the vengeance of the law, hoping to free De Lacey and Agatha by this proceeding.
Without previously communicating with me, he had, in concert with Elizabeth, arranged that Clerval should join me at Strasbourg.
My dear Nora, it is his post that I have arranged Mrs Linde shall have.
The whole thing can be arranged amicably; there is no reason why anyone should know anything about it.
You arranged everything according to your own taste, and so I got the same tastes as your else I pretended to, I am really not quite sure which--I think sometimes the one and sometimes the other.
I have already arranged what is to occur.
“And now it is time that we arranged our little plans.

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