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x-beliebig {adv.} [ugs.]


You shall,” I said, “do as you like in the matter.
It is in infinite variety everywhere in the world he has created, in Much Ado about Nothing, twice in As you like It, in The Tempest, in Hamlet, in Measure for Measure—and in all the other plays which I have not read.
Lie on your back, I shall get over you in the reverse way, and while I suck this enormous jewel, whose head I can hardly get into my mouth, you shall do as you like with my notch."
Why should you not let me enjoy your person as much as you like Charlie to do it?"
Do as you like with your own, but do not fill or empty mine.
In which is laid, the scene of Shakespeare's play, As You Like It.
>> 1601 AS YOU LIKE IT by William Shakespeare DRAMATIS PERSONAE.
[Beats him] As you like this, give me the lie another time.
Then I’ll stay here as long as you like afterwards cheerfully.
Best of all at my house, where I will order tea as you like it.

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