Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: at the head

am oberen Ende


It was a fortnight since Mrs. Bennet had been downstairs; but on this happy day she again took her seat at the head of her table, and in spirits oppressively high.
A youngster who, but a few years ago, believed in Cornelius Agrippa as firmly as in the gospel, has now set himself at the head of the university; and if he is not soon pulled down, we shall all be out of countenance.
He’s a young man, Mr. Merryweather, but he is at the head of his profession, and I would rather have my bracelets on him than on any criminal in London.
I’ve had one or two little turns also with Mr. John Clay, and I agree with you that he is at the head of his profession.
He had three or four boon companions, who regarded him as their model, and at the head of whom he scoured the country, attending every scene of feud or merriment for miles round.
With joy I hurried to the window, and saw drive into the yard two great leiter-wagons, each drawn by eight sturdy horses, and at the head of each pair a Slovak, with his wide hat, great nail-studded belt, dirty sheepskin, and high boots.
He said that after the wall-paper was changed it would be the heavy bedstead, and then the barred windows, and then that gate at the head of the stairs, and so on.
At this time Frederick of Bavaria, the King of the Romans, came into Italy to assume the Imperial crown, and Castruccio, in order that he might make friends with him, met him at the head of five hundred horsemen.
“Keep near to me, Jacques Three,” cried Defarge; “and do you, Jacques One and Two, separate and put yourselves at the head of as many of these patriots as you can.
You shall see me at the head of women, by-and-bye.”

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Head-Airbag {m} [mot.] head air bag
Head-Airbag {m} [mot.] head bag
Head-Airbag {m} [mot.] head airbag
Head-up-Display {n}, HUD {n} [luftf., nav.] head-up display, HUD
Dropped-Head-Syndrom {n}, DHS {n} [med.] dropped-head syndrome , DHS
Machine Head (eine US-amerikanische Metal-Band) Machine Head
Head (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1968) Head
Head in the Clouds (ein britisch-kanadischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 2004) Head in the Clouds
Head-Crash {m} [EDV] (Beschädigung eines magnetischen Datenträgers durch den Schreib-/Lesekopf) headcrash
Head-Crash {m} [EDV] (Beschädigung eines magnetischen Datenträgers durch den Schreib-/Lesekopf) head crash