Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: at your disposal

zu deiner Verfügung
zu Ihrer Verfügung
zu eurer Verfügung


And then, to follow of your Lordship’s wishes I shall hold myself at your disposal to render an account to you, when and where you will.”
"Well, my dear madame, my services are at your disposal in case of any necessity, I am not in reality strait-laced, although, in my position, I am obliged to appear so.
I hold the secret at your disposal desiring to have the honor to be huseful to you.
“My dear Count,” said Albert, “I will endeavor to return your politeness at Rome, and place my coupé at your disposal until your own be ready.”
“This is the way such affairs are generally arranged when it is wished to do them stylishly: Your two solicitors appoint a meeting, when the contract is signed, for the next or the following day; then they exchange the two portions, for which they each give a receipt; then, when the marriage is celebrated, they place the amount at your disposal as the chief member of the alliance.”
It will be properly taken care of and be at your disposal at the conclusion of ... what is beginning ... if it appears, or, so to speak, is proved that you have undisputed right to it.
The ignorant peasant-women starve the children, and the people stagnate in darkness, and are helpless in the hands of every village clerk, while you have at your disposal a means of helping them, and don’t help them because to your mind it’s of no importance."

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
Abfallschlüssel {m} disposal code
Atommülldeponie {f} [ugs.] radwaste disposal site [coll.]
Entsorgung {f} waste disposal
Verfügung {f} (Verfügungsrecht) disposal
Tierkörperbeseitigungsanstalt {f} carcass disposal center [Am.]
Küchenabfallzerkleinerer {m} garbage disposal [Am.]
Bombenentschärfungstrupp {m} bomb disposal squad
Röntgenfilmentsorgung {f} X-ray film disposal
Lagerung {f} von nuklearen Abfällen [nukl.] nuclear waste disposal
Mülldeponie {f} waste disposal dump