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Ausschänke {pl}Plural (die) bars
Lamellen {pl}Plural (die) [elektr.] (eines Kollektors, Kommutators) bars
Barren {m}Maskulinum (der) [Sport] (Turngerät [Männerbarren oder Stufenbarren]) bars
Eisen {pl}Plural (die) [bautech.] (Bewehrungsstäbe) bars
Gestänge {n}Neutrum (das) [tech.] (miteinander verbundene Stangen) bars
Kanzellen {pl}Plural (die) [musik.] (Teile der Windlade einer Orgel) bars
Goldbarren {pl}Plural (die) [met.] bars of gold
Silberbarren {pl}Plural (die) [met.] bars of silver
Platinbarren {pl}Plural (die) [met.] bars of platinum
Palladiumbarren {pl}Plural (die) [met.] bars of palladium
Rhodiumbarren {pl}Plural (die) [met.] bars of rhodium
Iridiumbarrren {pl}Plural (die) [met.] bars of iridium
Rutheniumbarren {pl}Plural (die) [met.] bars of ruthenium


NORA, at the piano, plays the first bars of the Tarantella.
All day the wind had screamed and the rain had beaten against the windows, so that even here in the heart of great, hand-made London we were forced to raise our minds for the instant from the routine of life and to recognise the presence of those great elemental forces which shriek at mankind through the bars of his civilisation, like untamed beasts in a cage.
“When you combine the ideas of whistles at night, the presence of a band of gipsies who are on intimate terms with this old doctor, the fact that we have every reason to believe that the doctor has an interest in preventing his stepdaughter’s marriage, the dying allusion to a band, and, finally, the fact that Miss Helen Stoner heard a metallic clang, which might have been caused by one of those metal bars that secured the shutters falling back into its place, I think that there is good ground to think that the mystery may be cleared along those lines.”
The centre door was closed, and across the outside of it had been fastened one of the broad bars of an iron bed, padlocked at one end to a ring in the wall, and fastened at the other with stout cord.
I have given the letters; I threw them through the bars of my window with a gold piece, and made what signs I could to have them posted.
There was Bersicker a-tearin’ like a mad thing at the bars as if he wanted to get out.
The Professor took a small surgical saw from his case, and handing it to me, pointed to the iron bars which guarded the window.
Then in the very bright spots she keeps still, and in the very shady spots she just takes hold of the bars and shakes them hard.
To jump out of the window would be admirable exercise, but the bars are too strong even to try.
After bursting open a door of idiotic obstinacy with a weak rattle in its throat, you fell into Tellson’s down two steps, and came to your senses in a miserable little shop, with two little counters, where the oldest of men made your cheque shake as if the wind rustled it, while they examined the signature by the dingiest of windows, which were always under a shower-bath of mud from Fleet-street, and which were made the dingier by their own iron bars proper, and the heavy shadow of Temple Bar.

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