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Deutsch Englisch
schlägt beats
Paukenschläge {pl}Plural (die) beats of the drum
taktiert beats time
verduftet beats it


I felt quite excited over it, and blurted out:— “Why, this beats even shorthand!
cried Stryver, “but this beats everything.”
I judged she would be proud of me for helping these rapscallions, because rapscallions and dead beats is the kind the widow and good people takes the most interest in.
Why, bully, it beats the Nonesuch, don’t it?”
Then the people begun to flock in, and the beats and the girls took seats in the front row at the head of the coffin, and for a half an hour the people filed around slow, in single rank, and looked down at the dead man’s face a minute, and some dropped in a tear, and it was all very still and solemn, only the girls and the beats holding handkerchiefs to their eyes and keeping their heads bent, and sobbing a little.
Then you come out and spread the news around, and get these beats jailed.”
I could swear they was beats and bummers, that’s all, though that’s worth something.
The lawyer looked powerful astonished, and says: “Well, it beats me”—and snaked a lot of old letters out of his pocket, and examined them, and then examined the old man’s writing, and then them again; and then says: "These old letters is from Harvey Wilks; and here’s these two handwritings, and anybody can see they didn’t write them” (the king and the duke looked sold and foolish, I tell you, to see how the lawyer had took them in), “and here’s this old gentleman’s hand writing, and anybody can tell, easy enough, he didn’t write them—fact is, the scratches he makes ain’t properly writing at all.
[Gwendolen bites her lip, and beats her foot nervously with her parasol.]
[Gwendolen beats time with uplifted finger.]

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